10 Things to do Before Making Wedding Purchases
By:Marion Adele

10 Things to do Before Making Wedding Purchases

Congratulations! You are getting married! This is an exciting time! You can’t believe it, but it’s true! Take a breath! Relax! It’s going to be great! Here are a few things I’d like you to consider before you start signing any agreements and make any purchases….

Once you are engaged. Be engaged. This should be a fun time.

I suggest that each of you write down 5 elements that are important to you for the wedding. Example: venue with a view, great food, low stress, inviting friends that have been on this journey with you, great cake, amazing wedding dresses, or custom suits, etc.

Hire a wedding planner or at least a day of coordinator. You will live longer. Take advantage of a free wedding consultation. This is your listening hour.

Budget. Be honest. Be realistic. Many couples share the cost for the wedding. What will you do?

Before you set the date and select a location, check your calendars. Start with your personal calendars (family events, city events, festivals, major sporting events, etc.). Holidays can be tricky, but there are some that always fall on Monday that allow for a long weekend. A wedding on Friday or Sunday can be often be less expensive than Saturday,

Guest List. This drives the cost of your wedding. Just think you are about to take, let’s say 50 of your closet friends to your favorite restaurant and pay for a 3 or 4 course meal with drinks!

Destination Wedding. Choose one of your favorite places. A destination wedding is defined as a wedding 100 miles or more away from where you live. The average guest list for a destination wedding is 40. This is a great way to have an intimate wedding.

Ask for recommendations for vendors. Relationships go a long way. Forget Miss Manners! Create your own rules with your partner. Do what matters to you! Think outside box! Create the experience you want to share with your friends and family.

Don’t Stress. You are smart! Wherever you are in the world call me when you need me!

Happy Wedding Planning! Make it fun and fabulous! Love you madly! marionAdele


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