A Planner Is Worth It
By:Jessie Reid


A Planner Is Worth It

We’ve all read articles on why it’s important, imperative even, to hire a wedding planner for your big day. If you don’t know: read this! ?And for the LGBT couple, the reasons don’t stop there. It’s no secret that same sex couples are faced with additional struggles. While the outline is the same, the logistics and elements of coordinating a same-sex wedding are well...different. Although not everyone can afford to hire a wedding planner, this investment can save you time (and often times money - read pay for themselves) when planning.




Imagine not having to do the research on your vendors. Do they support the LGBT community? Do they allow same-sex weddings? These are just a few tedious nuances that a planner can tackle. Having someone to vet and recommend vendors, prevents you from having to do the dirty, and sometimes disappointing task of finding a same-sex wedding inclusive team of professionals. Find a planner you jive with and someone that can advocate for you!