Are You Gay Friendly
By:Jessie Reid


Are You Gay Friendly?

Getting legally wed still poses some unique challenges for same-sex couples, despite the drastic shift in the political landscape. While every wedding has it’s fair share of issues, there are additional elements that gay couples must consider that hetero couples simply don’t have to worry about. Looking for wedding support starts from the moment you say ‘yes’!

Announcing your engagement and looking for your wedding crew can be stressful for gay couples. One of the biggest challenges couples address when deciding who to invite to the wedding is which of their family members and friends are supportive of same-sex marriage. And the obnoxious divide doesn’t stop there.

The same topic resurfaces when couples are faced with the already daunting task of selecting wedding vendors. Some states don't recognize sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination laws, allowing some vendors (a florist or venue in Texas) to turn down wedding business to a gay or transgender couple.

The struggle is real and LGBT Weddings was designed to alleviate as much of that stress as possible. We help bring couples together with vendors who support same-sex marriage, speak the language, understand the culture, and are obviously more than happy to work with same sex couples. What are some struggles you’ve faced? Share with our editor. ? (


Jessie Reid