Capturing Your Beauty
By:Teresa Reynolds

Capturing Your Beauty

The most important aspect for bridal beauty is being made up in such a way that is complements your facial features, hair texture, dress, and mood of the wedding.Makeup and hair for photography is a highly specialized skillset. Many wonder why it cost so much to employ skilled makeup and hair artist specializing in bridal? For one, it is not an easy job and actually takes years of training with advance education a must. ?

Besides the ability to be able to work in varying situations (with often less than ideal setups), the artist and stylists must be particular with their choice of products that are specific for photography. A typical wedding day is at least a ten hour day from start to finish. There are certain pigment based makeup products as well as airbrushing that works to provide longevity yet look effortless in its application. Certain hair waxes and pomades perform the very important duty of controlling flyaways that wreck havoc in photographs which result in an expensive Photoshop edit. The devil is in the details, always.


Another factor that sets the tone of the day is hiring the right hair and makeup persons that can handle a wide range of needs. Young, old.....the insatiable beauty junkie to the terrified of anything and everything but chapstick kind of girl or guy. ?

Find a makeup artist that is talented. That can fix the worst of situations like conceal dark circles, make three hairs look like 300, rescue someone else’s poor hair choice for that heat wave, work without electricity, and will deal with every type of “ZILLA” there is: bridezillas, groom-zillas, mother-zillas, bridesmaid-zillas, cousin-zillas, you name it. ? Find someone who does their job with great joy and intention, that transforms your beauty vision into reality for your big day! .

Meet Teresa

Teresa Reynolds was born in Harrisburg, Arkansas and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arkansas State, and a second degree from Academy of Art in Fashion in 2014. She relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she began a career as a fashion model as well as a makeup artist. Her work both behind and in front of the camera appeared in numerous print ads and videos for local and national clients, among them the Andrew Jergens Co., Procter & Gamble, Cintas Corporation, Elder Beerman Stores, LS Ayres, Drackett Co., Lazarus Department Stores and Marshall Fields, NBC, CBS, HISTORY CHANNEL, AMC, PBS, ESPN, Target, GMA, and many, many more. ?

In 1992, she was personal makeup artist to Paul and Linda McCartney on their national tour. Her celebrity client roster ranges from actors Cheryl Ladd to Jason Priestly, Miss USA Courtney Gibbs to Robin Givens, entertainers The Smothers Brothers to dancer Gregory Hines, and countless more. ? She has been in the Bay Area since 2000, working in print, events and reality TV.

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