Curtis Cassell: Designer of Queer Bridal Wear


Curtis Cassell

I first learned of Curtis Cassell through Alicia at Rabbit Hearted Girls. I told her I was hoping to meet designers that stepped outside of gender normative fashion. She beamed while telling me that she had just finished a photo shoot with a designer friend of hers. You can see photos from that photo shoot here.



Queer Bridal. Gender Nonconformative. Classically Elegant.

Curtis Cassell is a designer, living in Chicago. Casell's passion for the arts began with graphic design. Curtis has an eye for fabrics, texture, and expressing unique style. It made sense that these inate talents would lead to interior design. Curtis has designed interiors in prestigious homes, as well as industrial and commercial spaces. 


For me it's not about defining your gender, just fitting your body.- Curtis Cassell

Curtis discovered that the tools and experience acquired in interior design, could be utilized in another passion... fashion, namely creating custom made conceptual pieces. You may have seen one of Cassell's designs on Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 8. Curtis quickly found his talents well purposed for couture and has since designed an incredible line of gender nonconformative, queer bridal wear and we love it!

Photo Gallery

Photo By: Rabbit Hearted Girls