Five Wedding Day Beauty Tips
By:Teressa Reynolds

Five Wedding Day Beauty Tips


One tip that I highly recommend is if it ain't broken don't fix it. It is not the time to try new products that may or may not work for your skin and irritate it. So many times in my career as a makeup and hair artist, I am trying to conceal the results from the false hope of products that were used that were much too severe for the client's skin type.


I would think long and hard about to use or not to use Botox. I personally rely on beauty from within to decorate my 57 year old face and have never used Botox. I have seen and have had to balance the botched results of Botox gone horribly wrong on many a bride's wedding day.



Another very vital tip is to be VERY careful of the sun, especially for the face and tan lines. Tan lines can be airbrushed out, but it is always an extra charge. A sunburned face for either bride or groom usually always peels. Applying makeup freehand can often aggravate and enhance the scale like texture. I prefer to airbrush the skin and warn my brides and grooms, "DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AT ALL!" The more you touch the more the products separate. So the best solution is careful monitoring of suntanning with the appropriate SPF. At the same time do not wear sunscreen on the day of the wedding on your face. It causes flashback in photographs.


Sunless Tanning. Again this is not something to try before the big day. I would make sure to find an excellent spray tan artist, and then on the day upon receipt of the perfect the color, have the artist write down the recipe to make sure it is the one they use before your wedding. Artist are human and can forget or may show up sick and another person has to spray the tan. I have had to many a time decolorize a bride from orange spray tans. With sunless tanning, exfoliation a day or two before is crucial to wearing the perfect sprayed color. Else wise the skin look more fitting as a character actor for the "Game of Thrones," displaying dragon-esque scales. 



SweatStop is an amazing product to use if one excessively perspires. It does just that, stops sweat. In conclusion, the ultimate skin care solution to dealing with the big day is two precious ingredients perhaps not expected: Number one, be as organized as possible before the day and attend to what can be addressed ahead of time. This saves countless anguish that can create worry lines and acne. Acne is hormonal and needs the right balance of meditation and acne medications as a preventative. I have done countless weddings where I am trying to apply makeup and the bride or groom is detached from the moment focused on a detail gone awry. That being said, the second ultimate skin care solution is letting go. Everything has been done that can be done on the day of. If it rains, it rains, if Aunt Tilly planned to come but can't, so be it. The day of is not the time to stress over what it could be. It is was it is, NOW. Feeling the joy of the moment in bridal and groom prep is your last chance as a single person before transitioning to a wedding union. Joie de vivre, indeed and especially on the wedding day. The most beautiful brides and handsome grooms luxuriate in their pre wedding prep and that joy radiates through and through in all the photos..

Meet Teresa

Teresa Reynolds was born in Harrisburg, Arkansas and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Arkansas State, and a second degree from Academy of Art in Fashion in 2014. She relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she began a career as a fashion model as well as a makeup artist. Her work both behind and in front of the camera appeared in numerous print ads and videos for local and national clients, among them the Andrew Jergens Co., Procter & Gamble, Cintas Corporation, Elder Beerman Stores, LS Ayres, Drackett Co., Lazarus Department Stores and Marshall Fields, NBC, CBS, HISTORY CHANNEL, AMC, PBS, ESPN, Target, GMA, and many, many more. 

In 1992, she was personal makeup artist to Paul and Linda McCartney on their national tour. Her celebrity client roster ranges from actors Cheryl Ladd to Jason Priestly, Miss USA Courtney Gibbs to Robin Givens, entertainers The Smothers Brothers to dancer Gregory Hines, and countless more. ? She has been in the Bay Area since 2000, working in print, events and reality TV.