Flower Crowns
By:Teresa Reynolds

Flower Crowns

There are many options for today’s discerning bride to complete their hair and makeup look. They can adorn their look with a veil (which comes in all shapes, styles, and lengths), hair accessories, or flower crowns. While veils and hair accessories can be quite lovely, flower crowns can be designed exactly to fit the brides face, hairstyle of choice, personality, and pocketbook, making them an increasingly popular choice. 

A plethora of choices are available in terms of greenery, floral elements and color arrangements. The choices are daunting and it can be very bewildering to decide what works best with one’s wedding. A bride should consider face shape, bridal hair and wedding theme.

Many DIY sites glorify the decision to make one’s own bohemian wreath of glory with seemingly simple tutorials that inevitably turn into Pinterest-fails. The stress of a time crunch alone is enough to derail the craftiest of brides. Remember, real flowers need to be made on the day-of and require at least 90 minute, if not longer, to complete. Take the time to relax and enjoy your morning and leave the rest to the professionals.

Although we love beautiful live flowers as stems of choice, there is another alternative for those troubled with allergies or floral scents. Sadly the more beautiful the weather is with all it’s budding glory, the worse the allergies are and we have to be very careful about flowers in general. For this reason, silk flowers are a wonderful choice and remain as an intact and lasting momento of the most important day of your life.

When deciding which style of flower crown is right for your look, first determine your hair texture, and the hair-style you’ll be flaunting, then pick the crown. For a full crown, long loose waves or a braided side up-do looks lovely. Keeping the hair simple and more minimal allows the crown to be displayed well. Crowns can be heavy to wear, so thoroughly consider the amount of flowers and elements that are in the wreath. For finer hair, perhaps a half crown or spray would be best. Don’t be afraid to ask the designer what type of flowers and combinations of colors would best suit your completed look...hair, makeup, dress, and wedding theme.

It could be wise to do a conference call between the beauty artist, designer and bride to finalize ideas to perfect the vision. That’s what creates the most breathtaking bride...a melding of creativity and thoughts personalized by a team of professionals. They’ll compliment your most wonderful features, enhanced and displayed to perfection on the most important day of your married life!

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