Matt & Josh


"He bought matching Claddagh bands, and got to planning!"

Josh and Matt are a sweet southern couple that both share a love for some good whiskey! This good ol' family farm was the perfect spot for these two to celebrate their love together, especially since it was near where they first met!


About the Proposal

It was Valentine’s Day, and they had reservations at this delicious little spot that they had their eyes on for awhile. Matt had some connections, and secretly slipped the rings off to the staff, and that evening after they’d had dinner, a dessert platter was brought out. Josh noticed something different though – a little cute bag was sitting there, and he assumed it was just a Valentine’s Day special, like maybe some chocolates or something. As the waitress began telling them what each dessert was, she stopped when she got to the bag, and asked Josh to help her figure out what that one was. Josh looked up to see Matt smiling from ear to ear across from him, and he instantly knew. “Will you marry me?” Matt asked. Josh said absolutely, and the whole restaurant erupted in applause and cheers!


About The Engagement Photo Day

They met their photographer, Casey, at the American Tobacco Campus for this special engagement session. Matt and Josh met for the first time in Raleigh since it was the halfway point from where they both lived, so it only seemed fitting to do their engagement session there!