Off the Cuff
By:Andrea Winters

Off the Cuff

You might be keeping your attire open and just asking your attendants to stay within a specific color. If you are looking for continuity in color it is a good idea to head to a paint or fabric store for a paint chip or a fabric swatch of the color you are hoping to achieve in your photos. Telling your wedding party they should dress in “plum” or “light blue” could have a not so great affect if you are truly looking for continuity in photos. Sending your attendants shopping with a chip or swatch will give them a sense of direction and will fulfill your thematic needs. 

If you are mixing and matching to achieve a theme, sending photos and sourcing purchase locations for your attendants to shop for is very helpful. For example, if you want your attendants to wear a blue button up shirt (see chip or swatch) and this particular bow-tie, found at XZY store for $18.99 is a lot more direction than a blue shirt with a beige and blue pinstripe tie.

If this all sounds “controlling, or extremely detailed” it is, but that is okay. This is your day and if you have a look in your head, with the right communication and planning, it can be achieved. Remember: the perfect day begins with planning. After the ceremony and the reception are over, what will remain from the day is YOUR LOVE for each other and the photos from the day. If you are planning to hang these photos or display them in your home you may want them to match your vision.

If your attitude is, we don’t care…. We just want to be married and share the day with our friends and family and we don’t’ care what anyone wears… then go with that and communicate that, but people do like SOME direction. They know you, they love you and I am sure they understand your style, but no one wants to do anything out of sorts on a friend’s wedding day, so just assure them with a guideline, so they can feel comfortable about their choice and relax as you are intending them to at your wedding.?