Planning A Luxurious Wedding Day: It is all in the details.
By:Jessie Reid


Planning A Luxurious Wedding Day: It is all in the details.

Do you dream of a luxurious wedding, dripping with glitz and glam A luxurious wedding will undoubtedly usher the perfect day to cherish for a lifetime. Turn your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary with these great ideas.

Get an Expert on Board

Wedding planners bring experience to the table and can make great suggestions on how to achieve the perfect day. Be it suggesting incredible décor ideas or carving out thoughtful strategies, an experienced wedding planner certainly knows how to orchestrate the perfect day. Planners keep the tempo and bring in the appropriate vendors to achieve a specific vision or theme.


The Theme is Everything Darling.

It’s all about the theme darling. Deciding on a theme is as simple as saying five words. Write five words each that describe the feeling or the essence that come to mind when you think of your wedding vision, then say them out loud with your partner and begin your ideas. Luxury themes we have seen in the past few years have been inspired by Great Gatsby themes, the roaring twenties, art deco themes with great hues of golds and silver, and many traditional, luxurious, tried and true elements that create a luxurious day. Ravishing themes set the tone for the day and into the night at your reception. Metallic and cream colors do an astonishing job of creating a sense of divinity and luxury and can take ordinary to extraordinary, but honestly luxury comes in all colors. It is just a matter of building around it.



Light Up Your Love

One thing that can set the mood for your luxurious wedding is lighting. Soft tones with warm hues can create an unforgettable ambiance. Chandeliers, uplighting, and well planned string lights can really change a room and bring a sense of rich elegance to any canvas. ??


Gliding Across the Dance Floor

No one wants to miss an opportunity to dance the night away in a room decorated for royalty. Soothing music with majestic lighting effects can create a romantic evening of dancing. If you are looking for something more electrifying as the evening moves along, you might consider a lit dance floor. Some can be programmed to be responsive and create movement with lights built in. Others can be set for the evening with a continuous color. Skies the limit on colors. With a good programmer, filters and blends can create desirable hues and colors.


Vintage Vehicles to Win Hearts

Vintage vehicles are never out of trend and could definitely make for spectacular scenes on the most awaited day of your life. You might choose a vintage convertible car to flaunt your amazing attire. Cause pause for applause as guests sit back to take notice of you arriving in a stunning Rolls Royce, or other luxury transport.

The Perfect Day Begins With Planning

Following through with your theme from start to finish will achieve the day you are dreaming of. It is the details that will make your wedding day a day that no one wants to end. A wedding, when planned to perfection, not only creates special moments and memories for the couple, but also makes an unforgettable experience for all of the people who came to celebrate your love with you.