By:Jessie Reid


Once you understand the etiquette in addressing an envelope to a married (hetero) couple, addressing a wedding to a married same-sex couple will make some sense. Unfortunately, the box your engagement ring came in did not come with a manual of all the rules that must be followed when wedding planning. Luckily enough for you, the internet, your friends (or mother - bless her heart) and are here to save you from the embarassment of stumbling through this process blind. Forget the grace that should come with embarking on such an endeavor for the first time - exists to give you all the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had!

Let’s start with getting the invites out. There are resources upon resources for proper wording on invitations. But a situation less covered is how to address a married same-sex couple. Likely, if you’re reading this, you’ll want this information for when you and your sweetheart order your first sheets of return address labels. You can think about how you want to be addressed as a married couple - and spare your friends the guessing!

The most traditional way to address an envelope to a married couple is: Mr. and Mrs. John SmithFor a couple with different last names, the proper way of addressing the envelope would be: Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Brown

For same-sex couples, we will follow the same format, but must first determine if the couple has the same last name. If so, they would be addressed as follows: Mr. and Mr. John and Steve Smith or Mrs. and Mrs. Jane and Sarah Brown

*BONUS: If the same-sex couple is un-married, the names should be on two separate lines: Mr. John Smith Mr. Steve Hoff or Mrs. Jane Brown Mrs. Sarah Gonzalez