Swanky and Scrumptious Cake Trends
By:Katy Baker


Swanky and Scrumptious Cake Trends

There is nothing like a cake that defies gravity to bring your guests to their feet! Chandelier cakes have been around for nearly five years in such cutting edge areas as Los Angeles and New York. But adventurous bakers like Melissa Archuleta of Jaynee Cakes in Sacramento CA want this new trend to infiltrate the world!

What an engineering marvel! A well-wrapped threaded dowel runs through the middle of the entire cake and is matched with a system of locking bolts and washers. Each tier rests on its own hardware, not on another cake (although it might look like it). “The design is really versatile and easily customized,” explained Melissa. “The tiers can touch or have space between them. You can even run lights in a clear tube down the middle.” Melissa has done everything from a standard tiered cake (floating upside-down in mid-air, of course) to hanging the cake from a tree with cascading flowers for a garden look. She has even run lights through the design so the cake becomes a real chandelier!



Any cake flavor works, but the more substantive fillings are preferred to hold the structure. Ganache or fruit compote works well, but a mousse does not. Because of the manhandling involved to get everything in place, fondant is the required covering. (Fondant made with marshmallow cream holds up well and actually tastes good.) No matter which cake style is chosen, the goal is to get that spectacular “wow” factor. Melissa with Jaynee Cakes urges “the best cakes are when you let the artist be the artist. You will be happy in the end!” Melissa Archuleta, Jaynee Cakes, Sacramento CA 916-879-3137 melissa@jayneecakes.com