The Double Dress
By:Jessie Reid


The Double Dress

Planning a wedding (and marriage) is about bringing two people, and their styles and ideas together. So when a lesbian couple prepares the walk down the aisle, each wants to shine as a beautiful bride, while complimenting their soon-to-be wife. As marriage equality becomes more and more mainstream, the fashion options for lesbians do so as well.

A white dress and adorning veil may be cliche, but many brides still prefer the traditional wedding attire over something more modern or edgy. Even in this ever-evolving, barrier breaking, limitless industry, loads of brides are still opting for the dress. Lots of women dream about their dress and look forward to the day they look every bit the part of a fairy tale princess. And that holds true for lesbian brides.?

If you and your fiancé both want to be the princess walking down the aisle, a matching wedding dress set might be the perfect solution. The dresses needn't be mirror images of each other, but when they are close it gives uniformity and flow to the aesthetics of the ceremony.