Five Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

"Our goal is to create a very special place for same-sex couples to plan, that speaks to couples personally, meets their planning needs, and brings joy to the planning process." -Kimberly Vaughan | Founder, Become an Affiliate

ONE | Brand The Leader That You Are

When everyone looks to you for the answers. Give them the right one.

This is the right answer for your Clients.

This is right the answer for their Customers.

The LGBT Wedding Member badge is the Industry Standard of Excellence symbolizing that your Clients provide quality wedding services for the LGBT Community.


Your Affiliation says, "I believe in and help set the Standard."

Create Another Revenue Stream | TWO

As an Affiliate you are inviting a new revenue stream to your business. Our prices are easy for Customers to commit to and very lucrative for Affiliates. The ROI and Value based technology is easily justified when comparing cost to our Members.

Whether you turn the savings over to your customer as a benefit of their relationship with you, bundle it into your existing packages, or sell it for a reduced price directly, this is an offering that will last your customers a lifetime, considering the education they will gain as they progress as wedding professionals.

THREE | Attract More Customers

By adding Certification Program, membership, website, and mobile opportunities, you are creating a full spectrum advertising option for your Clients, making you very attractive in this changing market.

The wedding industry is changing. Growth in equality is not the only big change in our industry. The demographics of business owners are changing, as well as the profile of their potential clients.

The mom and pop shops of yesterday are being replaced with savvy, high tech professionals who demand technological advances and direct interface with customers to meet their advertising needs.


Retain Your Customers | FOUR

LGBT Wedding Certification requires Continued Education and that means longevity. Not to mention that we consistently add new offerings for our Members Creating and offering a comprehensive advertising solution retains customers.

FIVE | Build A Bridge

Whether it is on your list of benefits, or not, it is one of the top reasons on for us... if approved to be an Affiliate, you will become part of our mission to build awareness, understanding and equality.

By building a bridge between industry and Community through education, understanding, and respect we broaden the reach of true equality, and If everyone just does a little within their reach, equality will expand its reach and find itself present everywhere.


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