Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how member cancellations are processed.

Terms of Member Listings:

Member listings on are a 12-month term, which may be paid either annually, or monthly via auto pay.

Monthly Payments

Upon the 13th month of membership, the listing transfers to a month to month subscription, continuing the auto-pay feature, until such time that cancellation of the listing occurs by the Member.

Annual Payments:

An annual renewal payment creates an additional 12 month contract.

Cancellation of Member Listing

Early Termination (prior to the 12 month):

Cancellation of Membership prior to the completion of the 12 month commitment incurs a cancellation fee equal to the remaining owed amount to satisfy the 12 month commitment.

Timely Termination (after the 12 month):

Cancellation of Membership after the completion of the 12-month commitment bears no cancellation fee and may be made by email, mail, or by phone (844.899.5683 x.501).

Member Listing Level Changes (Upgrades & Downgrades)

Listing Level changes may be made between renewal dates without interrupting or changing the commitment date.