Wedding Shoes: High Heels

You may think there is nothing else to think about than go out and pick your favorite shoe, but you might regret that thinking later when it is just too late.

There are so many great looks to choose from! When you are shopping for the perfect heel you can go strappy heel, gladiator sandal, heel, pump, or any style you like! You can reach for the bling, or wear a dyeable shoe. Literally the sky is the limit. So, let's consider your event, your comfort, and look at some styles to find the perfect solution for you.

The worst time to find out that you have purchased uncomfortable shoes is on your wedding day. A great fitting shoe will be your kindest gift to yourself. Weddings are a full day of excitement, dancing, and a lot of activity. Take the time to find the perfect shoe. You want to enjoy every single second of your wedding day; not look for excuses to sit because your feet hate you.

Outdoor Events

If you are having an outdoor wedding there are some things to consider. As you walk down the aisle you don't want to aerate the lawn with stilettos, so if your outdoor aisle is soft ground, consider that when making your selection.

Wedges are great for a "no heel" solution to soft ground, but if you are on a surface that is bumpy or is not level, you may have a fall. No one wants to tumble on their wedding day. Be sure if you are heading into the wedge direction that you choose a wider heel like a wedge sandal style versus a wedge heel style. The wider choice might be more comfortable.

Another no-heel style you might consider is a ballet slipper. Be sure to get no-slip tabs for the bottoms. Grassy areas can prove to be exciting with a slick bottomed shoe, regardless of whether a shoe has a heel or not.

Wider heel shoes, like a chunky square heel, are another great way to go for outdoor weddings.

A kitten heel can be a great option as well. Kitten heels are low enough to maneuver comfortably with on an outdoor surface, but still elegant. The great thing about the kitten heel is that if you are going to be on your feet celebrating into the wee hours this heel will be kind to your feet, but give you just a little added height if that is what you are looking for.

For additional support you might also consider an ankle strap heel. They are stylish and can be sexy or demure and come in many heights.

For a more elegant look you might select a sling back heel, which typically has a lower heel than other heels, but offers a stylish, sophisticated look.

Mules are another great look for a stable, but stylish option. The extra material around the top of your feet might give you just the added support you are looking for. Mules can come in wedges or varying heel heights.

Indoor Events

There is room for thought even with an indoor event. While your style options might have opened up a bit without weather considerations, indoor events can be cause for other considerations.

There is nothing worse than being on your feet all day on a hard surfaced floor. So when you have selected your venue, pay attention to the flooring. Sounds crazy, I know, but these are the details that make the day more enjoyable!

Most community halls have hard floors, whether they be cement like a convention hall or hardwood flooring like a community center. Some are softer with laminate flooring.

Most hotels and country clubs will have carpeting throughout, but just paying a quick glance to make a note of the flooring type will help you when considering your shoes.

If your venue is on the harder floor types you might consider a cork heel. While you might think, "how 60's can you get" you may also hear a soft sigh of relief from your feet as you dance the night away.

Ballroom shoes are made for dancing and might give you the style, stability and comfort you are looking for on the dance floor.

Everyone knows that if you work on your feet all day you buy nurses shoes for comfort. Think of ballroom shoes as the stylish cousin of nursing shoes, only this cousin dances!?

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More Shoe Styles & Definitions

Platform Shoes

If you are looking for height but not sure about a stiletto, you might consider a platform shoe. Because some of the height is built into the toe area, it can alleviate pressure on your arch.

Mary Janes

Who doesn't love a great looking Mary Jane? My favorite shoe of all time is an Oxford looking Mary Jane. Mary Janes provide comfort, style and typically have a low to mid height heel.

Pompadour Heels

Think King Henry. They are low heels like a Kitten Heel with a curve at the bottom.


A classic lives on forever. If you must, you must. Just keep in mind that it is a LONG day on your feet. If you live in stilettos then you know your feet and can pull this off comfortably.

Corset Heels

These snappy little gems can be great for a wedding. You can play into the romantic style that this lace-up front shoe lends with your overall look, personality and theme. The style can provide a demure, playful, romantic option for you.

Peep Toes

Peep toe shoes are another option. If you like to show off your a little color a painted toe with a peep toe shoe can be fun.


Boots are great for fall and winter weddings. You can go western, short bootie style, or knee length in varying heel heights. This might be a fun time to have a pair designed for you with both of your names or your initials together on your boots.


Don't be afraid to bring color to your shoes. The traditions of yesteryear are not the new traditions of today. This day is all about sweet, wonderful you and should be a reflection of your style, personality, and an expression of your love. If you keep that in mind you just can't go wrong!?

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