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"We decided to purchase a 'bridal set' and I wore the solitaire, while my wife wore the wedding band. Now we have a matching set that suits both of our styles without paying for two sets. I definitely wanted the big diamond and my wife likes a more subtle look. It worked out beautifully." -Maria L.

Wedding Bands

"We selected a ring from Proposition Love. I love it. It has a black diamond, and fits me perfectly." -Toni C.

Giraux Fine Jewelry

The Heritage of Giraux

Since 1977 the San Francisco based company Giraux Fine Jewelry has specialized in custom, handcrafted jewelry. Giraux Sarkissian started his career as an apprentice jeweler for Scottish Jewelers of Zimbabwe, where he worked with some of the iconic Crown Jewels.

With a growing family of over 20 emerging and established designers, we provide a unique array of only the best talent working in jewelry today. Our extensive jewelry assortment features 1000s of styles suitable for every taste and budget from rings, pendants, and earrings to bracelets and charms.

Custom Rings by Wallis Reid Jewelry

The Inspiration of Wallis Reid

I was the kid who always had a favorite rock in my pocket, and over the years, a growing collection of agates, obsidian, arrowheads, fossils and petrified wood. Later this fascination with geology and beautiful stones grew into an appreciation for gemstones and jewelry.

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