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About Angela & Ginny

Angela is an RN who now works as a Case Manager in a hospital. She is compassionate, level headed and forthright. Ginny founded and runs a charity that helps girls go to school around the world. "I am a visionary, have too much on my plate and am often scattered. She is my glue," Ginny explains. Ginny travels a lot so their time together is precious. They love road trips, kayaking, hiking, and watching their two kids continue to grow to amazing adults.


We truly believe the universe brought us together. We are soulmates.

How did you meet?

We met in 1994 in an online chat room called "Tell Your Best Joke Here" and became fast friends. The relationship evolved and we started dating in 1997. We've been together ever since. We truly believe the universe brought us together. We are soulmates.


Tell us about the proposal.

We had originally planned to get legally married in the summer of 2018 but in current environment and with some other influences, we decided to push the date up. We are from Indiana and we know all to well what Pence's agenda is regarding LGBT community. We were engaged on September 12, 2016 on a lake. We were floating in kayaks (Angela's happy place is in a kayak). While floating down the lake we floated by a beach that had signage and balloons. The signs said "Ang, will you marry me?" When Ang saw the signs, I then officially asked and placed a ring on her finger (the ring had a floaty attached to it :). She said yes.

We never attempted to marry prior to the ruling because we wanted to get married if/when everyone could be married in this country. But with the new administration we feel it may be harder to get married and did not want to jump though hurdles to find service providers which may become an issue if Pence has his way. It would be great if rather than waste inordinate amounts of taxpayer money on religious freedom bills - that business owners would just put a sign on their website or store window that they don't "serve" gays. That would save everyone a lot of money and time!

We have waited a long time to be married. In fact, the first night in town for our wedding our waitress also happened to be from Indianapolis. When Angela's brother blurted out that we were getting married and had waited twenty years to do so, she was more shocked by the amount of time we had to wait than the fact that we were two women. We then learned she was 20 years old. Yes, we had been waiting her entire lifetime to be married.


Tell us about your wedding planning experience.

Angela's family is from Florida. Her brother lives in Pensacola. We decided to marry there on December 10 because that is the date we consider our anniversary and it fell on Saturday this year. Angela's wonderful brother (who is also gay) planned most of the local arrangements. He and his group of friends were amazing. We chose a spot on a public beach and he built us a trellis made of driftwood (it was beautiful).

His partner handled all of the flower arrangements. A friend allowed us to use his stunning loft downtown for the reception. We catered food and had a beautiful wedding cake. We invited an intimate group of 20 close friends and family to be with us. We also plan to have a "Happily Ever After" reception for our midwest friends and family in the fall of 2017.


Tell us about your wedding day.

In a word... perfect. It was simply perfect.The weather could have been warmer but the sky was clear blue and the sunset magnificent. It was all incredible - every moment.My favorite moment was when Ang and I were walking out to the spot on the beach and we paused and turned around to see those twenty people who came to support us following in a tight cluster behind us. The symbolism was not lost on us. They were our people and they were there to support us as we expressed our love through this outward acknowledgement. An acknowledgement we'd waited 20 years to experience. ?


You go out in the woods. You just go out in the woods and you get married.

You honoured the memory of your mother in such a special way. Will you share this beautiful story with us?

You see I had spent my adult life worried that if people I love found out I was gay, they would walk away. I was especially distraught that I would lose my mother - my mentor, my friend, my biggest cheerleader.

In 1997, I fell in love with my soulmate - Angela. In 2001, I came out to my mother. She sat very still and quiet for what felt like eternity. For those agonizing moments, I was thinking I'd lost her. She eventually turned to me and said "Are you going to marry that nice girl?" She was talking about Angela. When I said I couldn't because it was illegal she pointed her finger at me and said, "You go out in the woods. You just go out in the woods and you get married." While we were actually married by the ocean, we had a photo taken just beforehand - in the woods. ?

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