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About Angelica & Catherine

Angelica and Catherine are like peanut butter and jelly (which is Anegelica’s nickname). They share many mutual interests and passions. The couple started their bond through their shared nerd-dom and began really spending time together by playing video games online. “To be honest, I'd happily do ANYTHING with Angelica but some things we do - go to concerts, enjoy new movies, enjoy hosting brunch or BBQ with our rambunctious set of friends.”Angelica - 26 years old, Mexican heritage, works as a Call Center representative for a Large financial firm. Catherine - 26 years old, Mexican/Puerto Rican/Peruvian/Chinese heritage, works as a Communications Project Manager (sort of a writer....who adheres to tight deadlines) at the same large investment firm as Angelica.

How We Met

We met online through a dating website called Plenty of Fish. “You might have seen their commercials - I'm still waiting for them to call us in for one!”.

"You might have seen their commercials - I'm still waiting for them to call us in for one!"


About The Proposal

Angelica proposed to Catherine. The couple have some really great couple friends - Nicole and Clark, who invited them out to the Arboretum in Dallas, TX for a photo shoot. “I was absolutely convinced that Clark was going to ask Nicole to get married...little did I know that I would be the one that ended up engaged.”

We walked around the Arboretum and at this beautiful part of the Arboretum with curved trees, Angelica kept trying to get me to look at this statue or some sort of shrub and when I turned around - she was down on one knee, a ton of our friends had just came running up behind her to surround us, music playing and Angelica asked me to marry her. It was more perfect than I could ever describe!The ladies got engaged June 7, 2014 and married June 14, 2015 (legally certified on June 26, 2015 - the same day as marriage equality coming into law).


Hurdles, Challenges and Thoughts Regarding the National Ruling

Catherine and Angelica knew that things were changing in our nation for the better regarding marriage equality. Their neighboring state of Oklahoma had just passed marriage equality but they still felt like Texas had a long way to go. They decided that they wanted to get married anyway and have a ceremony that their friends and family could attend in Texas. Then they would go to another state - likely Oklahoma to get the legal certificate of marriage. They got home from their honeymoon and still had the rest of that week off. Whether it was their habitual procrastination or some sort of sign from the universe, they never went to get their certificate in Oklahoma. “I should have known, something spectacular was happening in the universe.” The morning of June 26, 2015 - Angelica woke Catherine up, frantically excited - screaming about how marriage equality was legal ACROSS THE U.S.!

It was an emotion that is indescribable. We wasted no time getting dressed and quickly rushing to get our marriage license in the case of a prop 8 situation - like California. It was spectacular - the love and support outshone any negativity that day. It was one that I'm sure we will remember for the rest of our lives.


About The Day

The wedding was beautifully orchestrated by Catherine’s maid of honor - Krystal Sidie. The two did not see each other until after they got our hair done in the morning. All of their friends were there and they had some family that showed up as well. “Nowadays, we are a lot closer with our family but sometimes, especially in the beginning, being LGBT is tough in a hispanic family.” The most important thing to them was that their moms came - and they did!


Traditions And Sentiments

The couple had a few of the traditional wedding customs. They didn’t see each other before hand in their attire, so the "first look" was spectacular! Catherine had something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue and towards the end of the reception, they smashed cake in each others faces.

With friendly competition amongst their guests, the girls competed in a lip sync/dance battle. Catherine and her wedding party chose a Meghan Trainor/T-pain mix to dance to and Angelica and her party chose a Taylor Swift/Outkast remix to sing and dance to. The most memorable moments for the two were a mixture of the toasts, first dances and enjoying their guests party. The most touching had to be the photos with their moms. “It's been such a long journey with Angelica and I gaining love and acceptance from our family together. I could see nothing but pride and love in our moms hearts and eyes that day. They pulled us into them together and told us how much they loved us both.”


Wedding Party: Roles, Titles & Attire

Their traditional roots stuck with them a bit. Although Angelica and Catherine were considered wife and wife - Catherine’s maid of honor was still called maid of honor and Angelica’s traditional "best man" was actually called "best woman". She was the only girl on Angelica's side, thus her groomsmen were still called groomsmen. Catherine’s bridesmaids were called bridesmaids.

About The Honeymoon

The couple went to Venice Beach, California and stood at a bed and breakfast right off of the coast. Although, we were ALL up and down the golden cost - visiting everywhere from Venice beach to Malibu to Santa Monica....we even tried to find Ellen in Beverly Hills :)


The Planning Process & The Vendors

Catherine and Angelica got married on a budget - so while they tried to find LGBT friendly wedding professionals (they attended an LGBT wedding expo and did some research), they often found that it was pricey to search for professionals through those venues.

It was important for us to ask the vendors right off the bat about their experience with same sex weddings.


Advice For Other Couples

Make the wedding day longer! Ours was only 3 hours and it flew by The couple encourages others to ‘Live LOUD, Live OUT and BE PROUD!!!’ This is your special day and no one can take that away from you. Be honest and open, if you aren't connecting with a vendor - be upfront and allow them to do the same with you. Everyone has opinions but the only opinion that matters is what belongs to you and your partner. Enjoy your special day and good luck!!

Put your heart and soul into both your wedding and marriage without being overly concerned with “perfection”.

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