Antonia & Kimberly | Puerto Rico


About Antonia & Kimberly

We met many years ago at a company we both worked for. One glance and we both knew there was something there however, life took us in different directions. Kimberly moved away started a new job, and a new life. Many years later and a phone call from Kimberly, we then connected in Boston, Kimberly was travelling to see family. She asked me to meet her, we met talked and she then ask if I would meet again, in a few months, she wanted me to meet friends that would be visiting Boston from New York. I said yes, which gave me a good reason to see her again. March 17 we met for dinner and drinks with the friends from New York. Little did we know that was the day that unveiled the hidden love and passion which we concealed, not realizing that we were meant to be together. Many trips to Boston from New York for Kimberly, moving after one year, to be together which lead to our wedding day on June 10th five years later.

The Wedding

The most anticipated and special moment of our wedding day was having all the people that shared in our journey come together. Family, friends and love ones travelled from near and far to help us celebrate our love. The many stories, the laughter and fun to make our day a fairy tale wedding.


The Fashion

Antonia's dress was tea length to bring everything together from day to evening. Shear top and elegant beading with silk cloth cover buttons running down the back of the entire dress. Embedded were pearls and rhinestones throughout the dress which gave it a beautiful touch of elegance and timeless tradition. It brought back a memory of the buttons my mom had on her wedding dress.

Kimberly, chose to have a suit design to compliment her wife to be. Which consisted of a soft light gray, linen with silk lapels the color of Antonia's wedding dress. Swarovski crystals with blue and clear stone earrings and a tear drop blue crystal necklace. Kimberly's suit was designed by Sumissura, a silhouette style suit, with silk lining. Very rich and elegant. Off white silk camisole, silver belt and silver strappy rhinestone sandals. Which brought everything together. Simply stated jewelry which represented something borrowed and something blue.?


Any wedding planning or marriage advice that you'd like to share with other couples

Focus on what the day represents, the reasons why you are together and open to whatever life has in store. Make everyday special first for you and your love one. The planning takes forever and the day goes by very fast. So take time to enjoy the cake, the food, the music and the beauty of it all. Never forgetting what brought you both to such a unforgettable moment. This is your day......



The inspiration behind our day was the love of all elements that ground us. The Ocean for its power and its strength. The sun for its warmth and continuous glow.

We both love the colors of sea glass, we are beach lovers. I Antonia, am a native of Puerto Rico which draws me to the Island since my early years.

Kimberly, is a native of Massachusetts which is surrounded by water and known for it's beautiful beaches. This was the reasons for our Beach theme. Sea glass, sea shells, driftwood and all the different hues of blues. A sand ceremony was used to represent the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico which we both are enamored with.

Photo By: Rosedramos Photography