Debbie & Charlotte | Jacksonville, FL


About Debbie & Charlotte

Debbie is a registered nurse manager with two children, one grandchild and a second on the way. Charlotte is a certified nursing assistant with two children of her own. "We are two total different people from two total different ways of life. I am white and she is black. We found each other and have made our differences work. Love can do that to people." Both love to go to the beach and workout together each day, often taking trips to Daytona to visit their families. Debbie was Charlotte's manager at Good Samaritan Nursing Facility when they met. It was about a year before Charlotte told Debbie how she felt. "Everyone told her she didn't stand a chance because I wasn't gay... When she started flirting with me I gave her a Taco Bell packet one day that said 'I'm down if you're down'"


Tell Us About The Proposal

We were engaged on 10/23/2015. Charlotte surprised me for our one year anniversary and had our friends come from Daytona to Jacksonville for dinner at Hamburger Mary's. I was totally shocked when she had me called to the stage and asked me to marry her! She always said, 'If you ever hear the song Matrimony by Wale play, you will know I'm about to do something.' So of course I'm sitting on the stage and that song starts to play. I was shaking and tears were rolling. She came up and got down on a knee and pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry her! The Hamburger Mary's staff was in on it and helped plan the whole thing."


Tell Us About The Wedding

The couple was married in South Daytona Florida on August 27, 2016. The wedding started in the early afternoon on the back deck of the Riverside Pavillion. "We stayed at a hotel in Port Orange Florida and drove to the venue. My friend squeezed me and my dress in the front seat of her truck." Debbie's son William, gave her away and her daughter Jessie was her maid of honor. As for Charlotte's party, her son Paul was her best man and her daughter Destiny was a bridesmaid. Debbie's best friend and Charlotte's best friend were bridesmaid and Charlotte's friends were the groomsmen. The aisle runner was lined with pictures of their times together. Their officiant, Tiesa, believe it or not was also the make-up artist. At the reception baked ziti and lemon chicken were the main course courtesy of RPS Catering. "RPS catering served our guests and the food was amazing." The cake was by Cake Dimensions Orlando, "She took our picture of what we wanted and copied it to a T". The Perfect cake had one chocolate layer and one red velvet one- both the brides favorites. Divas on Deck decor did their decorations. Our Day Wedding photography captured the day with their amazing photography. "They are caring and funny and make you feel comfortable no matter what. They truly made our day great."


Are you hyphenating last names

"I took Charlottes last name. I became Debbie Gibson. (But I don't sing )"

Photo By: Our Day Wedding Photography