Eric & Craig | Ft. Worth, TX


How They Met

The two met at a mutual friend’s birthday party at the House of Blues in Dallas. Neither planned on attending but both felt obligated to support the great friend they had in common.

About The Proposal

Eric and Craig were together for 5 years and always said that when it became legal to get married in their own state, they would. “Living in Texas we never thought it would happen,” says Craig. Then it became legal…! Eric was announcing the name change of his bar in Fort Worth, TX. “I knew that he was acting weird the entire day and didn't know why,” said Craig. “Eric can't keep a secret so I didn't really expect what would happen.” As he announced the name of the new bar and the changes that were happening he asked Craig to come forward. Eric didn't want the old bar to go without one last order of business, at that point Craig knew. “He asked (in front of 200 ppl) if I would marry him, and I said yes!”


Hurdles, Challenges And Thoughts Regarding The National Ruling

The couple wanted to get married in their home state of Texas. They talked about marriage and said they would wait until the ruling was legal. “When it happened we didn't know what to do. The Supreme Court called our bluff.”


About The Day

The wedding day was EPIC! The initial idea was that Craig and Eric would have a Sunday Funday wedding modeled after Bagatelle Brunch in NYC. The wedding ended up being that and so much more! The couple had the wedding and ceremony in the same space. Eric's restaurant catered the event for 150 of their closest family and friends, that came from near and far.

The theme was nightclub shiek and the guests helped to exceed their expectations. Guests were received by the grooms with a champagne reception. The ceremony was the only thing that was reminiscent of a "traditional" wedding with the exception of the remix of Cannon in D and 2 men were walking down the aisle. “In our minds this is the new traditional wedding.”

The brunch buffet included Jalapeño Shrimp, Tamales, Beef Tenderloin, Cheesy Grits, Candied Bacon, Omelet Station and several other items. The party wasn't complete without champagne and dessert sparklers, light tambourines, glow sticks and blinky rings.


Traditions and Sentiments

Our entire wedding was a twist.” The only traditions were those of the ceremony, Craig and Eric read scripture that was relevant to their marriage. They created vows that were important and sacred to their union

One of the funniest moments of the wedding was when the cake arrived to be cut. Eric and Craig were so ready to get the party started that they left the cake and went to dance. They ended up cutting the cake the next day before they left for the honeymoon. The most surprising thing from the wedding was that of the 154 that were invited and RSVP'd 151 showed up.

One of the most touching moments was when Eric's father told him that he was 84 and that he has to begin to accept other points of view. Eric's father wasn't going to come to the wedding because he didn't agree with his "lifestyle". “We think he may have had the most fun at the wedding (we have pictures of him dancing on a chair with glow sticks).”


Wedding Party: Roles & Titles

The two had a mixed bag for a wedding party. Craig had 2 girls and 1 guy, both girls straight and the guy is gay. Eric had 2 guys and a girl, both guys are gay (and married) and one straight girl.

About the Honeymoon

Craig and Eric honeymooned in Mexico. Several times they were asked what they were there for and Craig was very apprehensive to reveal the reason, but Eric was very straightforward. “We received an overwhelming response from all of the vacationers there congratulating us on the marriage.”


The Planning Process and The Vendors

The wedding planner worked for Eric, and also as a wedding planner as her main job. Eric contacted her and asked if she would be interested in planning the wedding and she was very enthusiastic to say YES! Their photographer was very interested in shooting his first "gay" wedding. “They both did an amazing job!”

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Photo By: Bradley Shull Photography

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