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About Faryl & Lauren

Lauren is a preschool teacher, and is passionate about teaching kids. She loves reading, cooking, Disney, and Harry Potter. Faryl works at Sony Pictures. She enjoys going to the movies, riding her bike, and all things Disney. They love spending time together. They cook together, have movie marathons, and love going to see musicals. Though neither one of them still works in theatre, that is where they both began, where they met, and something they still enjoy together. Disneyland is their favorite place in the world, any big event is celebrated at Disneyland: birthdays, anniversaries, the end of the school year, etc.. They have lived together for 3 years and have 2 wonderfully weird and adorable cats.

How They Met

Faryl was stage managing a show and Lauren was hired as her assistant. While working on the show, they became close friends and very soon after the show closed they started dating.Although looking back, it seems like we starting dating 4 months before we realized it.”


About The Proposal

Faryl proposed while they were staying at Disneyland for their 3rd anniversary. We had planned a fun and romantic trip to our favorite place to celebrate. At the end of our first day there, we went to see the fireworks and I turned around to see Faryl holding a beautiful ring. She asked me to marry her and I said yes before she could finish asking the question.” Faryl had found a ring from the 50s (which is Lauren’s favorite time period). It was the perfect ring for her.


We had planned a fun and romantic trip to our favorite place to celebrate.

Hurdles, Challenges, and Thoughts Regarding The National Ruling.

The marriage equality ruling was really important for both of them.We wanted our marriage to be just as valid as anyone else's. They live in California and got engaged when gay marriage was legal there, but not yet for the whole country. While they were engaged, it became legal nationally.Though we were happy to get married in our home state, it didn't feel completely fair until it was legal for everyone.


It didn't feel completely fair until it was legal for everyone.

About The Day

They got married the evening of August 6th, 2016 in Faryl's mom's backyard, surrounded by their family and close friends. Because they did so much of the decor themselves, they arrived early along with their bridesmaids and finished setting up the yard, tables, etc. We worked for months with our parents help getting the yard perfect. We loved that we could make it completely ours.

One of their best friends officiated the wedding and he created the perfect ceremony for Faryl and Lauren.It was short, sweet, and more than we could have ever asked for. We both wrote our own vows and unknowingly both ended with I love you and I like you.


I love you and I like you.

Traditions And Sentiments

Faryl and Lauren had a fairly traditional ceremony. They both had bridal parties and both of their dads walked them down the aisle. They had a chuppah that Laurens dad built for them and they followed the Jewish tradition of taking some time by themselves after the ceremony to take it all in. They also shared a first dance. However, instead of having the traditional father-daughter dance, they both danced with their dads and then with their moms. Lauren wore a dress, but Faryl wore pants, a shirt, a vest and a bowtie.

All four of their parents gave speeches at the wedding. It was special for them because they each put so much love and work into the wedding and the couple wanted each of them to give a speech.They have always been so supportive of our relationship and have given us so much love. Their speeches had everyone in tears. They were all beautiful.


They have always been so supportive of our relationship and have given us so much love

Wedding Party: Roles, Titles, and Attire

Lauren’s sister was her maid of honor and she had three additional bridesmaids plus a junior bridesman.Faryl had 5 bridesmaids. Her sister and her four friends that she has known since elementary school. There is a general understanding that they will all be bridesmaids for each other.


About The Honeymoon

It was so amazing to take time to relax together and celebrate our marriage.

Faryl and Lauren went on a honeymoon two weeks after their wedding. They stayed at Hotel del Coronado off of San Diego for 5 days which is the longest vacation they had taken together.It was so amazing to take time to relax together and celebrate our marriage. They went to the zoo, biked all the way around the island, and relaxed on the beach.It was the perfect honeymoon.


The Planning, The Process, and The Vendors

It was important to the couple to have LGBT friendly wedding professionals, however, almost everyone they hired was a close friend. Had they needed to go beyond friends, it definitely would have been a crucial factor.

Last Names

Faryl is taking Lauren’s last name.It was a difficult decision, but we just talked about it and knew we wanted to share a last name. We considered combining our names, but in the end, she decided that she wanted to take my name.

Advice For Other Couples

We would have hired people to clean up the yard!!!! It wasn't fun cleaning after the wedding even though we had lots of help. Plan the wedding you want as a couple, don't let anyone else plan it for you. Don't stress about the small things, it will be perfect no matter what.

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