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About Christin & Halle

Halle is a Registered Dental Hygienist and she loves to play video games, ice hockey, and softball. Halle also has a love of sharks and Shark Week! Christin is a limo driver and loves playing softball.They share a love of softball, amusement parks, haunted houses and football! Their teams are Ohio State and the Cleveland Browns. They also enjoy watching college games and supporting their favorite Little League teams.

How They Met

It was a true modern romance for Christin and Halle. They met on a dating site, and 'Plenty of Fish' really meant the catch of the day! After some time and online exchanges, the two met. "We went to lunch at a local restaurant, then went to the Bodies Exhibit in downtown Cleveland, and spent the evening having drinks and talking. Our first date resulted in a last first kiss and a $30 parking ticket on East 4th Street. I guess you could say we lost track of time and forgot to move the car. To this day we still laugh about the parking ticket from our first date!'


Tell Us About The Proposal

Halle and Christin had been talking about engagement and marriage for several months before Christin decided to pop the question. Halle tends to 'unveil' surprises before they happen. Christin decided it best to keep the engagement a total secret from everyone. They went on a weekend getaway to Michigan to visit some haunted houses and Christin thought this would be the perfect opportunity to propose! After a great weekend of visiting haunted houses, Christin and Halle went for a fun filled lunch at the beautiful Rainforest Cafe. As they left the cafe, Halle and Christin stopped and asked the hostess to take a picture of them in front of the waterfall outside the restaurant. Little did Halle know, Christin had requested the help of the friendly hostess and she was ready to snap pictures of the special moment. Once outside near the waterfall, Halle got ready to smile and instead found Christin down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. November 2, 2014 the two were officially engaged.


Tell Us About Planning Your Wedding

Halle and Christin had a wonderful wedding party, which they lovingly referred to as the "I Do Crew". Halle and Christin decided they wanted to have a small and intimate " I Do Crew". Both girls picked a Best Man and a Maid of Honor to make up their crews. Halle chose her sister Amy and her best friend Andrew and Christin chose her brother Joey and her best friend Katie. The crew also consisted of Halle's brother Ricky as the usher.

The couple recruited the "Little Crew" also. The "Little Crew" was Halle's nephew Caden as the ring bearer and Christin's friend's daughter Erin as the flower girl. Halle and Christin sought the help of wedding planner Meredith Masaveg from Rain Wedding planning. She helped to find wedding professionals who were open and accepting of same-sex marriage.


Tell Us About the Wedding

Halle and Christin actually got to celebrate their marriage twice. Since marriage equality was not recognized in their home state of Ohio at the time, the couple traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania with their close family and friends to be legally married by a magistrate.The two were legally married on June 24, 2015. As most people know, we jumped the gun by 2 days. Same-sex marriage was legalized in all states on June 26. They had been planning a commitment ceremony and reception for family and friends in August.

Halle and Christin celebrated their love with family and friends on August 15, 2015 in Cleveland Ohio. The couple had a commitment ceremony performed by Halle's cousin Emily Kalina at the Franklin Circle Christian Church. Following the ceremony they had a reception of 125 friends and relatives at Cibreo Privato. The reception venue is located in downtown Cleveland in the Playhouse district.

'We were surrounded by so much love and support from our family and friends. We had an amazing sit down dinner with choices of chicken parmesan, pot roast, and a vegetarian pasta prepared by well known chef Chris Hodgeson. Guests raved about the food and service provided by Cibreo Privato. The rest of the night was spend dancing and spending time with our family and friends. It really was a perfect day in our book!'


A Look At Love

Halle and Christin opted to do a first look before the ceremony. This was an amazing and intimate moment that the couple got to share. It was a great chance for Halle and Christin to see each other and share a special moment together. The first look also helped them to calm each others nerves before the ceremony.

This precious moment also allowed for a great photo opportunity to capture the love between this beautiful couple. Terry Goodman from Platinum Photography Ohio was there to share the special moment with the couple and to capture the excitement of seeing each other for the first time.


Did You Incorporate Special Traditions in Your Ceremony?

Our commitment ceremony was pretty traditional and followed the mainstream in most ways," recalls Christin, but Halle and Christin added some special twists to make the ceremony more personal.They did a unity sand ceremony that involved the mothers, which lent a moving ceremony symbolizing the unity between these two wonderful families.

Halle and Christin also did a fight box. The fight box is a locked box that includes a bottle of wine, two glasses, and handwritten love letters from Halle and Christin. The concept is the box stays locked until Halle and Christin have their first big fight and decide they need to open the box. They then will read the love letters, drink the wine, and remember the love they shared on their wedding day. The box was handmade by Halle's parents and Halle and Christin added their letters and locked the box together during the ceremony.

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