Hope & Magan | Stillwater, MN


About Hope & Magan

Magan is a clinical social worker and is the treatment director of an in-home mental health program with HealthStar Home Health in St. Paul. She has a passion for working with individuals with various mental health challenges. Magan is an avid outdoors woman and will do anything that involves being outside - whether its going for a leisurely walk or a more intense hike in the woods. She loves being around friends and people in general - but also enjoys some introvert time writing or listening to books on tape, typically with wine in hand.

Hope is a technical support specialist for an online marketing software company based in Minneapolis called Leadpages. When not at work, Hope loves watching movies, spending time with friends, trying new IPAs and testing her skills in the kitchen. Hope also enjoys painting and drawing. Their house is adorned with many of Hope’s works. Hope is happy when she’s able to get outdoors and camp or hike – finding peace with nature. As a couple, Hope and Magan love listening to 90’s music, and catching live shows when possible. Both are devoted IPA drinkers and love trying new foods. Together they explore local places to eat as well as cook new recipes at home. They begin each morning with a cup or two of coffee and they love the weekends because they get to make breakfast together. They enjoy a variety of outdoor activities and when they aren’t out adventuring they can be found at home cozied up with their dog Brewer, a bassett hound and their kitty Charlotte.


How They Met

The couple met March 13 of 2015. Hope and her friends had attended a concert earlier that evening and decided to go out for drinks afterwards. Magan was with a friend of hers for a night out on the town. Hope’s smile caught Magan’s eye right away but Magan was caught off guard because she was previously attracted to more feminine ladies and here was this short haired androgynous lady she was being drawn to. Hope caught Magan looking at her and managed to get the courage to go talk to her. Magan’s friend Julia often describes their meeting as “two magnets coming together.” They exchanged numbers that night and so started their love story.


Tell Us About The Proposal...

Hope proposed to Magan just before the one year mark of their first meeting. It was a Monday in March on Magan’s lunch hour. Hope had Monday off and they had planned a lunch date near Magan’s work. Hope recruited a few friends to help pull off the proposal. They helped to set up and secretly caught the proposal on camera. Hope picked up Magan and took her to lunch at Moscow On The Hill. Afterwards Hope wanted to walk in the park next door, Magan was a little bit confused by this as it was not the nicest day out and shed got an emergency call from work which had distracted her a bit as they walked. By the time her call ended they had reached a park bench. On the bench sat a beautiful bouquet of flowers and one of the Twilight books. The book served two purposes; The Twilight series is a guilty pleasure of the couples and inside the book was a small paperback handmade book. Hope had written and illustrated a small book about their own love story. As Magan read the pages Hope began to get anxious as the story was leading into her proposal. When Magan finally turned the last page Hope got down on one knee and asked “will you marry me” Which of course was followed by a “yes!” from Magan.


Tell Us About The Wedding

Magan and all of the ladies in the wedding parter got ready at The Loft at Studio J in Stillwater, MN. Hope's ladies had their hair done at Japa Salon and Magan's ladies got their hair done on site by Pearlescent Hair. While others were getting ready Hope along with some of her wedding party and a few plus one's got things setup. Their photographer, Meg, was a huge help in setting up! She actually helped get things unpacked and setup while capturing shots of the venue and wedding party. Not to mention she had the honor of pinning Hope's boutonniere. The ceremony and reception were both in the same location which made things pretty simple for guests and for the couple by not having to move around.

The ceremony was short and sweet. It was filled with romance and laughter intertwined. After the ceremony was a cocktail hour while the venue flipped for dinner. The cocktail hour, of course, was accompanied by a 90s playlist. There was a bit of a hang up with the order of the tables, but after a quick deliberation with one of the brides things were back in order and guests were able to find their seats for dinner. Before dinner was a quick candle lighting ceremony followed by a few brief words from the brides.

The caterers were amazing! Marnas Catering served a buffet style dinner of almond crusted walleye, bruschetta chicken, truffle mashed potatoes, and veggies. During dinner there were toasts from Hope's best man, Dan, and Magan's maid of honor, Lucy. Both were incredibly touching and brought the brides to tears and brought about a few laughs too. North Mallow provided a S'mores Bar in lieu of a wedding cake.


What were the most memorable moments of your wedding

The first look. “It was incredible turning around to see each other for the first time on our wedding day. We shared a moment in private (with our photographer) before the ceremony. It was a beautiful moment where everything stood still for the first time that day. We shared laughter and a few happy tears.” “The ceremony was captivating for us. It was romantic standing across from each other as the snow began to fall outside. As we stood there listening to Blaine deliver a beautifully written ceremony, it was incredible -- everything else faded away and it was just the two of us and Blaine.”



We chose to do a sweetheart table, which we were incredibly thankful we did. It gave us a few moments together to look around and be mindful of this event. It was truly incredible to look around and see the amazing and supportive people we have in our lives. Not all of our family members decided to join us, which made it that much more meaningful to be surrounded by so many amazing people who do support us.” “Our DJ and MC were phenomenal! They were there for the ceremony, dinner, and the reception. We had all 90s music during the dinner hour, which was perfect for anyone who knows us. We both love dancing and hate when people don't dance at weddings. We were blessed enough to have an amazing DJ and interactive MC so the dance floor was never empty!”

Photo By: Meg's Eye Photography LLC