Maria & Melinda | Niagara Falls, NY


About Maria & Melinda

Maria and Melinda both love to travel, attend sporting events and spend time with family. They are also both police officers. They met at work 8 years before they decided to marry.


About The Proposal

Melinda surprised Maria with a romantic proposal. She put a dog tag she had specially made on each of the couple’s 4 dogs and had them sit in order. After reading “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me” on each tag, Maria said yes! The couple spent the next year planning their beautiful wedding.


About The Day

The duo wanted their day to be special, “very special”, so they decided on the one place Maria wanted to visit most. They were also drawn to New York’s gay friendliness. They contacted Rainbow House in Niagara Falls, for their elopement, who coordinated everything including the cake, photographer, officiate, lodging and transportation.


Last Names

For family growing purposes, the couple decided to share the same last name. Their discussion was easy and they settled on the shorter, more unique last name.

Photo Gallery

Photo By: Harvey Huff

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