Michelle & Rachelle | Chicopee, MA


?About Michelle & Rachelle

Michelle and Rachelle work together in a psychiatric hospital assisting individuals recovering from addiction. They both enjoy the field and helping those less fortunate. Although work is their passion they both enjoy exercising, hiking and anything else involving strenuous activity. So much so that Michelle teaches the self-defense course at their hospital. Rachelle was one of Michelle’s self-defense students.


Tell Us About The Proposal

Michelle proposed to Rachelle at their home in their kitchen. They were having a fire, just the two of them in their backyard. Before they went out to enjoy the fire Michelle pulled out the ring. They were engaged a little over a year before their wedding.

They decided to get married in a town that was open to same sex marriage. It felt more comfortable to them to be in an environment that was accepting and that had been exposed to same sex marriages more often. They were married in Northampton Massachusetts Look Park. They spent the night before the wedding with their girls and chose to sleep separately. Of course they decided to have a little fun the night before which they promptly regretted in the morning. Michelle and Rachelle opted to do a first look photo shoot. They had their photos taken before the ceremony because they wanted to be a part of the cocktail hour. “The food and drinks is the best part,” stated Michelle. Rachelle’s stepfather sang while everyone walked down the aisle. The ceremony began around 2 pm and lasted about twenty minutes. They wanted it to be short and sweet. ?


?Did You Incorporate Any Special Traditions Into Your Big Day?

In their opinion, nothing was traditional with their wedding day. The photos were taken prior to the ceremony, they chose not to have a maid of honor, they walked each other down the aisle, and Michelle’s girls wore sneakers with their suits. Rachelle scripted the ceremony and they each wrote their own vows.

They took a day to rest after their wedding and then headed to St. Kitts to honeymoon. St. Kitts is an island south of Puerto Rico with white sandy beaches and blue water surrounded by green mountains in all directions and horses roaming on the beach. While they were there they took a five and a half hour hike up a volcano. At the top of the volcano they found pure rainforest.


Is There Anything You Would Have Changed

The couple wouldn’t change a thing. They announced their same sex relationship from the start of every conversation with individuals. They wanted to be sure that people were open to their relationship before they committed to any of their services. Fortunately everyone they came into contact with was very accepting of their relationship. ?


Mrs. & Mrs. Watson

Rachelle took Michelle’s last name. For the couple it was a pretty easy decision. Rachelle’s last name was insignificant to her and they felt that Watson was a name they would like to pass along. Rachelle’s name was Rachelle Kiley and it is now Rachelle Watson.

Photo By: Sally Carpenter Photography