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About Morgan and Jillian

As young girls Morgan and Jillian met when they were just 8 and 9 years old. They became childhood soccer buddies but as life would have it they lost touch with each other. It would be ten years before their lives would be connected again. The two hung out constantly, after all they had ten year to catch up on.

They spent an abundant amount of time together falling “MADLY, DEEPLY and INSANELY IN LOVE” as Morgan would swoon. After just fourteen days Jillian got a bit of a shock when Morgan had her initials tattooed on her ankle. Just two short days later Jillian had Morgan’s initials tattooed on her ankle as well. They both share a great passion for living life to the fullest and their big day was no exception.


Madly, deeply and insanely in love.

As both brides often are full of anxiety themselves they admit it was a bit funny in the midst of the chaos with the wedding day seeing their families become anxious. Both mothers had stated earlier in the day that they wouldn’t shed a tear but before the night was over both had shed some tears of happiness.


Stay open-minded, it’s your big day!

For both Morgan and Jillian their families played a very helpful and pivotal role in the planning of the wedding. “Stay open-minded, and appreciate all the help and opinions of your future in-laws,” shares Jillian. “You will be forever grateful when it comes down to it. Don’t fight over details—it’s your big day so let the behind-the-scenes helpers work it out!” There may have been 90-degree weather but that did not stop their guest from dancing and partying into the late hours of the night.

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