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On the Run 2 the Altar.

June works as a social services coordinator for a real estate development company. She is the founder of Newark Gay Pride and is also an adjunct professor at Rutgers University and Essex County College. Sherrise is a pediatric nurse, mother of two and an avid lover of cosmetics. 

A few years ago, June used to co-host lesbian parties at a local bar where Sherrise used to frequent. They just exchanged hellos as Sherrise paid her admission at the door.

In 2018, a friend invited both Sherrise and June to her Super Bowl party. Neither one knew the other was attending nor had they seen each other after the venue stopped hosting lesbian parties. When June arrived at the party, she noticed that many of the attendees were already in couples.

June spoke to her friend in the other room, mentioned that she was back on the dating scene and wanted to know who were the single folks at the party. After the conversation, June opened the door and there was Sherrise sitting on the bar stool. A bit shy, June nestled up to the bar. Sherrise quickly approached and asked June if she remembered her from the club. June knew exactly who she was and also mentioned the past connection she made in the club. Sherrise ran down her "get with me" resume in a 30 second elevator speech and at the end emphasized that she was VERY single.

Sherrise asked June for her number and they agreed to chat after the party. June was a bit nervous because Sherrise was so persistent, but admired her cockiness. While other potential suitors may have been gauging the Sherrise's availability, June interrupted and left a peck on Sherrise's lips at the end of the party to show her interest.

June and Sherrise had their first date on Friday the following week. Sherrise invited June to her friend's birthday party. Coincidentally, June was attending a concert across the street from the birthday party venue. Sherrise sent June a pic while she was attending the concert. After June received the picture, she left in the middle of the concert to be with Sherrise.

June greeted Sherrise with a passionate kiss, like they had been separated for years. Well in a sense, that statement could be true. They danced all night and kissed each other's lipstick off several times as if they'd been in this space before.

Since that date went so well, June reciprocated with an invitation to her friend's birthday on Saturday evening. June hadn't seen many of her friends but folks followed her transformation via Facebook. They knew she was happy and lost weight. So when June brought Sherrise to the party, they assumed she was the reason June was in such wonderful spirits. Little did they know, June left a very erratic relationship and was just getting back to normal. However, Sherrise had no problem acting the part that she would later fulfill as the source of June's happiness.

Again, the date moved along seamlessly. Sherrise mixed and mingled with June's friends, who also paid her compliments after being shocked when they found out that she was 52 years young.

After the date, June and Sherrise spoke on the phone and texted over the next few days. The weather forecasted a winter storm during President's Day weekend in the Northeast and June abhorred the cold weather. June told Sherrise that she was getting out of town to Florida before the snow hit and Sherrise asked June to buy her a ticket. June followed her gut and bought Sherrise's ticket with only having such a brief acquaintance.

June and Sherrise spent five days getting to know one another and discussing what was next in life. Sherrise told June that she wasn't the type of woman that she wanted to date; she was the type of woman she wanted to marry. But June had some loose ends she needed to clean up before moving forward. Before the trip was over, June made up her mind and chose Sherrise.

When they returned, Sherrise told June she wanted to take her to the mall to get some new clothes to fit her new body. Instead, Sherrise told June to go in the jewelry store and pick out the biggest ring they had. The rest is history in the making. After twenty-one days, June and Sherrise were engaged and titled their love story, "On the Run 2 the Altar." Who has time for the cliche love story anyway? Not June and Sherrise!!! ?

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