Richard & Conner | San Antonio, TX


About Richard & Conner

Richard (Brad) and Conner have been together for over a decade! Brad is a Deputy Constable and Conner is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree. They both love to cook (Brad has mastered the art of BBQing and can cook a killer smoked bbq brisket) and enjoy traveling, but are always glad to come back to their home and two dogs.

How They Met

The couple started talking online in 2002, but didn't actually meet until the summer of 2006. They went to the same high school but didn't start talking until after they graduated. Brad joined the Marines for a few years shortly after high school, so they lost contact during that time. ?As fate would have it, the two found each other again later in life.


About The Proposal

They were on vacation in Cancun in December 2013 when Brad proposed to Conner. “He said he could tell I was nervous that evening. We were walking along the beach around sunset when I got down on one knee and asked if he would marry me. He said yes!”


My dad was Conner's family's mailman while he was growing up, so they knew of each other for nearly two decades before we met.

Hurdles, Challenges and Thoughts Regarding The National Ruling

Their engagement lasted for nearly 2 1/2 years, and the National Ruling is one of the major reasons they waited. They wanted to get married in their home state of Texas, and unfortunately, it was not legal to do so prior to the historic ruling. Brad and Conner were both so excited, happy, and relieved at the ruling and honestly did not expect it to happen so soon (especially in Texas)


About The Day

The two always loved visiting San Antonio, so they knew that is where they wanted their wedding to be. They found the perfect location for their ceremony and reception...a rooftop that overlooks The Alamo and the San Antonio skyline. They got married on their 10th anniversary surrounded by most of their closest family members and friends (around 55 people total).


Traditions And Sentiments

To have most of our closest family members and friends all there just for us and to show their support meant the world to us.Brad: “The most memorable moment for me was when we first saw each other for our 'first look' pictures before we went to the venue.Conner: “One of the most memorable moments for me was while I was getting ready in my room, I was able to look down from the window and see everyone on the rooftop of our venue. That's when it all started to hit me. I was about to be married! The most joyous moment was looking into Brad's eyes and saying ‘I do’.

Advice for Other Couples

The couple urges others to not stress! They encourage others to not let the little things get to you because the guest will not notice. Enjoy your day. Soak up every moment because it goes by in the blink of an eye.


We wish the night lasted longer. It went by so fast

The Planning Process & The Vendors

It was very important to us that every vendor was LGBT friendly. Surprisingly, we had no difficulties at all finding them. Every vendor went above and beyond.Unfortunately, we did have some family who did not come to our wedding because of their beliefs. So that was really the only difficult and upsetting thing to deal with when we were planning it.

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