Sabrina & Che | Canada


Describe Your Love Story

"Che and I met on an online dating site. I found Che's profile and not only was she cute and funny, I could see she also worked with children and it was a total draw. Not a lot of people are that interested in hearing about your day when you work with children so I was excited to meet someone whose eyes wouldn't glaze over when the topic came up. I think one of the really special things about our relationship is neither of us felt those instant sparks but there was an ember that glowed stronger and stronger every time we were together and one day there was just no denying the really strong and solid fire that we had built up together." -Sabrina

"A friend of mine convinced me to give online dating another try and Sabrina was the first person to message me. It took awhile before we had a chance to go out and when we did it was a quick coffee date between two jobs I had. We sat outside in the freezing cold and were so bundled up the main thing I could see was her eyes. I got super nervous and pretty much talked non stop for an hour before it was time to go. I walked away thinking I had totally blown it but apparently I didn't!" - Che


Describe the Proposal

"Che proposed at home in front of our Christmas tree, on December 20th. I had no idea it was coming, and had actually spent about 10 minutes complaining that our tree had died, but she nervously persevered and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Christmas is our favorite holiday and I'll never forget just how much more magic and happiness she brought to it that year. I don't think I was able to wipe the silly smile off my face for weeks."


How did you come up with the ideas for your wedding?

Che and I love working on decorations for parties so we were super keen to start planning the theme and decor for our wedding. Rainbows are obviously pretty meaningful to us as a same-sex couple but there's also no denying the feeling of happiness and magic that comes from spying one in the sky and that is really something I wanted to bring to the day. I definitely got more than a few skeptical glances when I said I wanted to get married against a big rainbow back drop, even from Che, but I think we managed to pull off the perfect balance of colorful fun without being way over the top. We also couldn't get married without making our own bunting! While we were dating we were always making bunting for friends' birthdays, baby showers, and house warming. Nothing adds an extra splash of color and fun more than confetti and our Confetti Kids (a mix of our nanny littles and my heart-nephew) did a bang up job of adding just that extra bit of joy to the day."

"When Sabrina said that she wanted rainbows at our wedding, my first thought was that it would look a little tacky. But if there is one thing my wife is good is making tacky things look classy. The decor was entirely her vision and it turned out just perfect. It was colorful and unique and a little bit whimsical and absolutely beautiful which is exactly how I would describe Sabrina.


Why Did You Choose This Venue?

"We really wanted to find a venue that had a coziness to it and it was important to us to find someplace that showcased some East Van personality. We actually had to change venues a couple months before the wedding and we're really so glad we did. The Anza Club had just the right blend of grit and charm that we didn't know we needed until we found it!"

"It was actually our second choice after our first venue fell through a few months before the wedding. It was a bit of a scramble to find it but it had everything we were looking for and ended up being so much better than what we had originally planned."


What Was The Most Exciting Detail of Your Wedding

I was most excited to see the mis-matched chairs our event rental company, Bespoke Decor, painted in rainbow colors for the front row for our guests. I really felt it was the detail that would pull our whole theme together and I wasn't wrong!

I think I was most excited about the confetti balloons. All of the details were amazing but I couldn't wait to pop them at the end of the night.


You decided to change your name to a unique name together after the wedding, what prompted that decision

"It was really important for us to share a family name once we were married but when it came down to deciding between hers or mine neither of the options felt right, so we decided to just pick a whole new one! It was really hard to come up with something that represented our connection and history, and that seemed integral in picking whole new name. We went round and round for ages until a friend jokingly suggested Poppins. The minute we heard it though it just clicked into place and we knew we had it!"

"Neither one of us felt a strong connection to our last names and we really wanted something that was just ours and summed us as a couple up. We went through quite a few different ideas but when we thought of Poppins it just fit us so well that we decided that was it."


What Is Your Favorite Memory of Your Wedding ?

My favorite memory of the day was standing with Che in front of our amazing community and sharing the vows we had come up with for each other. I couldn't wait to promise her the special words I had written for her and hear her words back. We wrote our vows together but secretly and it was so hard not to share them with each other before our big day!

I have so many favorite memories but the one that jumps to mind is at the end of the night when we were drinking champagne and trying to get all the bobby pins out of Sabrina's hair. All the stress was gone and we were so relaxed and there were literally hundreds of bobby pins. I'm pretty sure she still has a few in there.

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