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About Ashan

Ashan was born in Sri Lanka and ever since he was a little boy, he was pinning a veil on his “Teddy Bear” playing, dreaming of his wedding that he knew he would have some day! He had a fun childhood with his brother Gavesh, and is very close to his family. Always full of energy, young Ashan kept his mom, Lucky, and dad, Sunil busy!

His father was an army officer who was often stationed far away. Even though close to his father, because his mom was the ever present and loving homemaker, with whom he developed a special and everlasting closeness - part of the family bond never be broken. He has a flair for the dramatic and the fabulous and always more into the design side of life rather than sports! ?

He came to the US in 2009, landing in Palm Springs, California where he studied biology at the College of the Desert. He is very studious and always gets good grades. He is in school to finish his education is psychology. With a passion for design, Ashan has really enjoyed the wedding planning process that has been his dream from the first day he can remember. His dreams are becoming a reality and he is using his love for color, design and attention to detail in the planning!!!


About Sam

Sam was born in New Mexico and raised in Laguna Beach. Raised by his artist parents along with five of siblings of his siblings Debbie, Eva, Sean, and Heather & Summer! Life was never dull! To this day, Sam feels blessed in many ways to be close to his family. He will always say he proud to be part of the Leslie clan. Sam loves celebrating Christmas Eve with his and Ashan’s family and playing Santa for the young kids to enjoy!

Always an entrepreneur, at a young age Sam worked side by side with his dad at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach making his leather crafts. Although crafts as a youngster was rewarding and some even thought it was cute, Dad, said go to college or you will become a real life starving artist! Off to San Diego to college to get a degree in accounting and become a CPA. After college in a roundabout way, Sam ended up in Los Angeles, worked with a BIG 8 Accounting firm and soon opened his own CPA practice! Today he is a sitting Chapter 7 Trustee.


It Was Love at First Sight

It was that fateful Saturday night in Palm Springs when Sam & Ashan met at Toucans. Right away Ashan fell in love with Sam. Ashan was taken in by Sam’s sincerity, his kindness and his open and caring heart. Sam instantly saw magic and excitement in Ashan and was impressed by his energy and love for life. As instant friends, they began to hang out, swim, have dinners and watch movies. Ashan fell in love with Sam’s two big Baby Girls – doggies… Kikki and Gia! Sam and Ashan’s care for each other blossomed from friendship to romantic attachment. Ashan recognized in Sam qualities different than what other men had. They started dating after a short while. Sam calls it the 'Jacki O" moment. The moment he saw stars sparkling in Ashan's big beautiful brown eyes under evening stars on a grassy knoll under a tree, he knew he was in love. From that day forward they continue to share each and every day, live life and most importantly care for each other as if there was no one else in the world. They moved to Hollywood, California, ok, Los Angeles, into Villa Del Sol, the place they affectionately call their home and began creating their life together in the big city with the Baby Girls Kikki & Gia. 


He said, "Yes!"

Not too long ago, Ashan asked Sam the question that had been in Sam’s mind and heart for some time, but which Sam ( the ever cautious CPA) had been mulling. That evening in Palm Springs, at the Blue Coyote, with our good friends Mark and Carl, Ashan got down on one knee, held his hand out to be held and asked Sam "Will you marry me?" Sam with a smile a mile long said "Of course.”

With the Supreme Court upholding the ruling that same sex marriages are legal in California, Sam and Ashan were able start planning the kind of wedding Ashan had been dreaming about since his childhood.


The Three of Us Created Circa 1920's Magic

The Gatsby theme came to life at 5pm as guests dressed to the nines circa 1920s arrived to be greeted with champagne just before the white coat clad waiters opened drapes to the lobby. You could hear the gasps of the guests as they saw the beautiful white feather alter that Ashan had envisioned months before and Butterfly Florals designed.

Photographers were positioned inside ready to capture the faces of the guests as they saw this masterpiece of ostrich feathers and pearls. This was it. All we planned over the last 8 months had come to life to a completely magical time. I watched Ashan next to his parents. He was beaming. Canon in D started playing and Ashan who timed every note in his head took his first step so he would be seen for the first time with the big crescendo perfectly timed to the entrance. - Natalie Sofer, Natalie Sofer Weddings & Events

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