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About Sørine & Carina

Sørine And Carina met in High School. One the slacker, the other the teacher’s pet. They didn’t realize they had much in common until they ran into each other years later in a comic book shop. The two quickly connected over Manga and comics, and became fast friends. They were soon sharing a real passion for cosplaying (Costume and roleplaying: the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime).


Cosplay. Work. Travel. Fun. And then we fell in love...

Their cosplay and love connection created magic the world was waiting for and soon they found themselves competing. The duo were invited to the Tokyo International Film Festival, and placed fourth in The World Cosplay summit. .


The Proposal

Disneyland, Tokyo 2014... Before their departure, Carina packed two sets of Harry Potter themed engagement rings in her luggage. In front of Cinderella's Castle, Carina asked a Disneyland employee to take a video of the two, which seemed like a usual request for the cosplay duo. To Sørine's surprise and joy, this was no ordinary video. As Carina asked, Sørine's "Yes!" brought tears to the eyes of Disney onlookers everywhere. Their two year engagement gave them plenty of planning time!



From start to finish the couple planned each intricate detail with their playful personalities ringing true. Guest invitations were designed as "Acceptance Letters" from Hogwarts. The couple's getaway car was a Ford Anglia (similar to the flying car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) "We know... we are huge nerds," the couple exclaims when describing the details.

They turned to a treasured cosplay friend and supporter at Shinji Costumes and Tailoring who designed and crafted their beautiful wedding dresses. Every detail was true to their passions, their love for one other and their lives together.


The Ceremony

Just like royalty before them, Sørine and Carina were married at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen.For the wedding, Sørine had her hair down in an elegant messy style while Carina had a sleek up-do.

Their dresses were designed and tailored by fellow cosplayer ‘Shinji Costumes and Tailoring’. The three bridesmaids were dressed in dusty blue, accessorized to each one’s personal taste. While its uncommon to have bridesmaids in Denmark, they decided they wanted ‘the whole package’.

Sørine walked down the aisle first, accompanied by her Father, then Carina led by hers. “The church was full of family, friends and wonderful people we know from cosplay, as well as onlookers who'd realized a wedding was taking place and taken a seat in the church.”


Capturing the Love

At the Botanical Gardens they met their photographer, Grace Almera, for the first time. “Although we are very used to posing for a cosplay photoshoot, where we impersonate a specific character and their posture, - posing as Carina and Sørine was very different. We laughed, joked, had fun and worried about our dresses getting dirty.”


The Reception

With sixty-five guests, including friends from England, Germany, and Spain it quickly became a huge celebration! The wedding speeches were translated into English as well to keep everyone in one very big loop.

Dinner was incredible. &;We requested a vegetarian menu that would make the non-vegetarian guests drool,” which was achieved with &;Veggie Beef”, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, beets and lentils served with Beurre Blanc sauce and a beautiful quinoa salad. We offered a second menu option for our omnivorous guests of fresh venison.

After dinner, a quick costume change was called for to cut the cake. The brides swapped their wedding gowns for party dresses. After the traditional Wedding Waltz, Sørine's veil was ripped and Carina’s sock was cut also, as per tradition.

The day was absolutely perfect.; The couple took each other;s names and are now Mrs. And Mrs. Gradholt Karlsson.


The day was absolutely perfect.” The couple took each other’s names and are now Mrs. And Mrs. Gradholt Karlsson.

The couple spent their honeymoon in Japan. They spent three days in Tokyo and five days in Nikko, a small, countryside village. The honeymoon ended, celebrating with friends from Mexico, at The World Cosplay Summit.


Advice For Other Couples

Remember why you are getting married. Not to have every single detail perfect, but to celebrate the love you share with your partner. If you get too stressed and forget to take care of your relationsship then what is the point? Make it a fun experience for you both. On your wedding day: Please remember to enjoy these wonderful moments together with your partner and loved ones, because it's over too fast!

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