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About Susan & Trae

Trae has worked for UPS for 29 1/2 years. She started driving the brown box on wheels and moved up to Feeder Driver, driving the big rigs. She loves being outdoors, camping, fishing, gold panning, traveling and exploring.

Susan works in property management as a Managing Supervisor. In 2003 she became a Realtor and has balanced both jobs. Susan loves the same things Trae loves; however, a game of golf is pretty awesome too!


It Was Love at First Sight

Susan and Trae met in 2011 with that unexpected love that happens when two people are not "looking for love." Trae was searching for a new home and Susan happened to be the realtor that closed the deal.

Susan recalls, "The first time I saw Trae I was smitten, gone, done. Stick a fork in me! I didn't even have the chance to speak to her before I became a sloppy nervous wreck." Susan held her composure and Trae had no idea the effect she had just had on Susan. The house closed and the two remained friends for the next year and a half. Both were in relationships; Susan still married to her then husband. In Susan's mind, they were both "taken" and so she kept her feelings a secret.

A year and a half had passed when Susan received a phone call from Trae asking if Susan would allow her to park her car in front of her house. Trae explained that her relationship had fallen apart and she needed to make some changes. While Susan was happy to assist, there was also a feeling of glee, knowing that she may have the chance to tell her for once and for all how she felt. It was difficult for Susan to say it and she admits she "chickened out" at her first opportunity to share her feelings, but fate kept bringing Trae back into Susan's life. Trae now had to find a new home for herself and as fate would have it, Susan was the realtor of choice. The two were off to see another home that seemed the perfect fit for Trae when Susan suddenly blurted out how she had felt for the past year and a half.

Susan was astounded when Trae did not respond immediately to her confession of love. "She blew me off!" Susan shared, "Can you believe it? She said 'a lot of straight women think they are attracted to me.'" Susan recalled she felt like you could hear crickets in the background and she felt sad and feared that their friendship had just ended. Her fears were unfounded, as Trae texted Susan two days later to meet for lunch. Trae wanted to assure Susan that they were still friends. Preparing for their luncheon was a little unnerving for Susan, "I was nervous as H E double toothpicks, sweaty palms, hours of primping, pacing...," recalled Susan, "of course the day was a total blur for both of us." The love story between Susan and Trae had begun.


Tell Us About The Proposal

We planned a trip to get away for a weekend, just the two of us. We found ourselves in Cayucous, California. It is so beautiful with the ocean and the beautiful weather. We spent a lot of time on the beach and headed out onto the pier. I didn't even see it coming. All of a sudden, Trae turned, looked at me and blurted out 'Will you marry Me.'"

I was awestruck and at a loss for words. I couldn't believe this beautiful woman wanted to marry me after only a month! I didn't answer for a couple of seconds. Trae tells the story that I was torturing her by making her hold her breath, but of course I said YES!" Trae and Susan were engaged for one year and six months.


Tell Us About Planning Your Wedding

We are happy to share that we have no bad stories. The first question we asked anyone is if they had issues with same sex marriage. We felt fortunate that everyone we spoke with embraced us and our day. Our providers were wonderful from start to finish.


Tell Us About the Wedding

Our wedding was in Oakhurst, California at a beautiful mountain resort called, Paradise Springs. We were excited to be among the pines on a private resort. We rented the entire venue, which included several cabins, a lake house, villa and the reception area from Friday to Sunday and invited our closest friends to come join us.

Our theme was rustic. We did not have to do a lot of decorating to achieve the theme with beauty at Paradise Springs as our rustic backdrop. We focused on our guests and brought in a wonderful meal with tri-tip and chicken. Our caterers grilled onsite, so it was fresh off of the grill and grilled to perfection.

We had our cutting cake and a cake we served to our guests. Our cutting cake was a beautiful rainbow cake. Our guests enjoyed a scrumptious white cake with a layer of cheesecake and topped with fresh raspberries. It was to die for!

From the food to the flowers to the cake, everything was perfect. If there were any hitches, we had no idea. Greg, the host at Paradise Springs took excellent care of us and our DJ, Matt was very familiar with the venue, so between the two of them we were in good hands.


Susan, your dress is so beautiful! How did you find the perfect gown?

Trae and I went to Applebee's for lunch and we needed to kill a little time. Trae saw, across the parking lot, a hidden dress shop. Mind you the only dresses in the windows were quinceañera dresses. I looked at her and said.....Really?? She said the wedding was only 6 months away and you haven't even thought about looking at dresses, especially wedding dresses. (Darn it, she was right) The whole wedding dress idea really wasn't working for me after a couple of failed marriages. But, I was willing to be a good sport and look. When we walked in, it was like a warehouse, racks and racks of quinceañera dresses and out came Lucy. She was beaming and started asking us a lot of questions. I told her my failed marriage stories and our love story, I wasn't interested in a full blown wedding dress. She immediately looked at Trae and told her to " get lost". Cracked me up!! It is like she knew us and was very excited and comfortable. After Trae left, she turned to me and said "I have the perfect dress for you". Boom!! She brought out "the dress", I slipped it on and it was perfect. She helped with the wedding parties dresses and tux selections as well!! That is our Lucy, she is one of the most wonderful people you can know. Who knew!!!

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