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Terminus: A final point in space or time

LGBT 1950s inspired Industrial Wedding Inspiration at Terminus 330 in Atlanta Terminus: A final point in space or time. A final point in space and time. What is a wedding? Is it a final point in space and time. Yes.


It is the final point at which two people live separately. It is the point at which they become one. It is the point at which their journey as two people ends and they begin their journey as one person together. A terminus is the perfect description for a wedding day and a terminus is one of the most poignant places to end one journey and begin another. ?


In 1836, Georgia decided to build a railroad to the Midwest and this location was chosen to be the line’s terminus. As the area developed, the settlement became known as “Terminus.” This was the location where many journeys were ended and in turn, begun. The history of the culmination of destinies in this location is immense. It is only fitting that it would be the place for marriages to occur.

The time period that was chosen to inspire this photoshoot is also very representative of journeys. It was a time when the country was on it's own journey of finding itself and of becoming a world power. Women were on a journey from being second class citizens to becoming recognized as human beings. African Americans were on that same journey. There are so many journeys represented in this photoshoot. One journey ends and another journey begins at Terminus.

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