Tod & Joe | Charleston, NC


About Tod & Joe

A Nurse Practitioner and a Bartender respectively, Tod and Joe are movie lovers, dog lovers (they have two), and most of all - love each other. They met at Joe's place of work, the Cocktail Club in Charleston, SC towards the end of 2011. "Our meeting was brief and we exchanged niceties. I could only stay a few hours as I had to work the following day, but I was instantly attracted to him." The following weekend they met up at a play, that's when they planned their first date - the movie Like Crazy. Joe proposed in April of 2014. "It was a lovely morning and I couldn’t wait to propose to him. I work nights and spent the entire night prior trying to memorize my proposal, and as soon as I got off work I went to go pick up my tux only to find that they were closed that morning. Not feeling too discouraged, I drove to the flower shop and got my flowers consisting of 9 red roses and 3 white roses.""


The Engagement

""The engagement was a little over a year. We wanted to enjoy the moment of being engaged as well as give ourselves enough time to plan the wedding. When we were engaged, gay marriage was not legal in SC and so we decided to go ahead and plan the wedding ceremony anyways thinking it wouldn't be legalized for another 5-10 years. As fate would have it, gay marriage became legal on November 19, 2014. Fearing the ruling might get overturned we raced to the Charleston County Probate Court and filed for our marriage license. We knew it would be more difficult for lawmakers to take away our marriage license once we had it. The following day we were legally married at the Unitarian Church in Charleston on November 20, 2014." "


About The Day

While they were already legally married, they decided to go on planning their ceremony and it was performed at Founder's Hall.

The ceremony was short and took place outside. 200 friends and family members attended as they walked down the aisle beside their families and two dogs to Andrew McMahon's "Cecilia and the Satellite".".

Two bands (One Kool Blow, David Higgins Band) and two drag queens (Patti O'Furniture, Brooke Collins) performed at the reception, along with DJ Kevin. "If you didn’t have a good time the reception it was your own fault."."

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Photo By: Ella Cates

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