Trash | the Dress

A Decidedly Different Way to Preserve Your Dress

by Jessie Reid | Photos by Lisa Siva Photography:

The wedding gown is one of the most thought through and meaningful purchases of the wedding. And did we mention one of the largest investments? After the magazine browsing, salon shopping trips, alteration visits and those important minutes where your wedding party is making sure every piece of tulle is perfectly in place for that march down the aisle...are over - most brides opt to naturally preserve their coveted gown. This has traditionally been done by properly cleaning and storing the gown to last forever. However, some brides choose to do this through a non-conventional photo shoot that both displays the dress, and the bride (or couple) in an artistic and fashionable way.

While the shoot is commonly titled “Trash the Dress”, most dresses are not trashed from a “TTD” shoot. The goal of the shoot is to relax and let creativity drive the magic of the shoot. Couples splash in puddles, hike through the woods, swim in ponds and lay in the dirt...all examples of dresses that can potentially be salvaged post-shoot.

Whether the dress survives or not, the pictures you are left with - that look like they’ve been taken straight from Vogue magazine - are the new trend in gown preservation. These images are often replacing the beautifully boxed dress that are stored in the attic.

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