Macy's has created a partnership with Men's Wearhouse recently that will add a new option for tuxedos.

Macy's, Kenneth Cole, and Armani rank very high on the HRC Buyer's Guide.

One of our very favorite providers can be found in select cities. Al's Formalwear, founded in Texas has really stepped to the plate with employee training for appropriate women's fittings, a strong commitment to local events and fundraisers that support the LGBT Community, and a marketing campaign that expresses their commitment to the LGBT Community.

Tuxedo Purchases

Buying a tux is a special occasion and should be done with a trusted clothier whenever possible and don't think that purchasing a tux is only for the wealthy. Tuxedo providers have sales just like every other store does. They are not exempt from a great deal if you are budget conscience, so don't cross it off your list because of cost concern if it is something on your wish list.

Online purchases are okay so long as you are going to take the tux to a tailor and have it fitted when it arrives, for you to get that polished look. It is suggested that you get professionally measured before making any online purchase so that you order what you need for your fitting. Don't assume that the measurements will be the same as what you would give for street clothes. This can be a disaster and a waste of your attire budget.

Some online sources provide tailoring at select locations that they have partnered with, so you might want to really know the process from online purchase, shipment, and fitting/tailoring before committing to the purchase.

Tuxedo Rentals

If you have selected a wedding party to stand in your wedding, sometimes rentals are a great route, especially if your brother or friend are out of state, it is nice to go with a larger rental company, because they can get fittings done in their own city and they can then be sent to your local store and ready for pickup for your wedding day. When everyone arrives in your city their tuxedo is there waiting for them with appropriate sizing and in the style you selected for your wedding.

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