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Your First Jam: The Perfect Song for Your Wedding

by Jeff Christenson, Jay Fox Productions

"Don't sabotage your own wedding. You have hired professionals to handle the details. Allow them. On rehearsal night - take a deep breath, relax and stop planning. Focus on "now". Don't miss the most important moment in your life. Be in the present and enjoy your family and friends who have come to be part of your "Now". Even if you feel some element of the day has to be changed, no one will notice except you. You are hyper-sensitive to everything right now."

-Jeff Christenson

Jay Fox Productions | Dallas, TX

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Inversion Band

"I love Inversion Band! I had the pleasure of seeing Inversion Band perform live in Dallas. What an incredible performance! This group kept the party alive and jumping. They never seem to tire and neither did the guests at the reception." - Kimberly Vaughan,

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