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Wedding Gowns:

Off the Rack: If you are ordering off the rack you will only need 8 weeks for alterations (seamstresses tend to have a long list of gowns they are working on. The last thing you want is someone holding onto your dress until just weeks or even worse… days before your wedding. That is stress you don’t need just before your big day.

Designer/Ordered Gowns: If you are seeing 6-8 months lead time on gowns in magazines and on websites, this is not a ploy to get you to buy early, this is the real deal.

Like everything else it has a season, styles change and wedding dresses are expensive to make, so they are not “mass produced,” and therefore must be ordered ahead. As you can imagine with the intricate details of a wedding gown, it takes time to make. This isn’t a racket or a sales ploy. There is no conspiracy and designers are not trying to puff themselves up. It actually takes that long so that they are being made to order, so designers stay fresh and relevant without their businesses failing by creating too many unsellable dresses of the same style when season trends change. You pay for that unique, one of a kind look in both time and money, so please don’t put it off if your plan is to get that must have dress. 

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