Kate & Sarah's Bride Tribe Oceanfront Wedding


Kate & Sarah's Bride Tribe Oceanfront Wedding


Kate & Sarah

We took a very active role in every detail of our wedding. From helping construct each part of the ceremony to the altar we built from wood stumps collected on our various adventures we had, everything was personal and intentional. It was an amazing year of planning, constructing, and creating together.


What were your deciding factors when selecting your venue?

We chose the location because we love coming to Longbeach and staying at Adrift. It is one of the firstplaces we went together and we wanted to share our special place and the adventures we have herewith our our closest friends and family on this very important day. 


You had quite a Bride Tribe! How did you decide who would be on the Bride Tribe?

When forming our 'Bride Tribe' we selected strong & influential women from our lives that supported us during our individual and collective journeys. As opposed to being 'in' the wedding, we utilized them to create the space, putting together each detail and utilizing each women’s individual skill and talent to construct the environment. It was an amazing day, full of so much beauty and love.

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