Love Wins


Love Wins


Lisa & Carol

We chose a nautical theme. Tiffany Blue to bring in the water. Tan for the beaches. Being a same sex wedding we did not have the traditional Maid of Honor and Best Man. However I wanted the feel of a traditional wedding with a wedding party that consisted of 4 women and 4 guys. Two of which were long time friends. One for me and one for Carol. Then we had two shared couple that were friends with both of us. (one a man/wife and one which represented a same sex 2 men).


The Wedding Attire

It was important to me to represent all,(both a traditional couple and same sex to bring the 2 worlds together. ) Lastly we both chose a family member to be a part of the wedding party. ?We selected Margaritaville Beach Resort for our wedding. We knew we wanted a beach wedding and looking at the different venue. Margaritaville was brand new and was located in Hollywood Beach were I had grown up.

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