New Years Love Dana & Jim


New Years Love Dana & Jim


Dana & Jim

This super fun couple was ALL about the Fun and celebration of their vows. What better day to celebrate then New Year's Eve! After being together for 18 years the couple entered the ceremony together hand in hand. ?


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Special touches to make the event personalized were napkins folded up as bow ties (one of the grooms loves plaid and bow-ties), the tables named after appliance companies (the other groom has a passion for collecting vintage washer and dryers), a dress change of different jackets and ties, up lights and monogrammed gobo, the choreographed first dance and friends dance and of course their lovely puppy Eva! To tie in the New Year's theme they had candles with 2016 on them, a color scheme of silver/black/white/red, noise makers, boas, top hats and of course midnight fireworks!

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