Nostalgic Vintage Wedding


Nostalgic Vintage Wedding


LoRee and Hannah

LoRee and Hannah didn’t want to do the couple’s part of the photography on the day of their wedding. They already had a lot planned that they were personally doing at their wedding, including beautifully choreographed dances, and a bunch of wedding D-I-Y love. ?

So, we decided to do an after wedding session and it worked out great! To continue the nostalgic-vintage theme of their wedding, they dressed as Charlie Chaplin and a 1920’s ingenue.


It's All In The Details

They’re both dancers/performers, so they felt more at home in front of the camera dressed up in costumes. They chose Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley as their backdrop. With it’s crazy rich history of Bay Area characters, it was a perfect complement. You can feel it’s history, with every corner filled with visual candy from different eras.

We had a blast exploring the vintage gems and shooting. I just adore sessions like this.. it combined documenting a celebration of love with creative editorial style, personal and authentic.


I hope that this photo shoot inspires couples to have fun with their wedding photography. Somehow props and crazy locations unlock your inner kid. Photo shoots don’t have to be intimidating, go run in some sprinklers with ice cream cones! ?

When you’re having fun, real moments happen while capturing what you two are really about and that makes for some rad photos." - Rebecca Henry

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