Once Upon a Time in Mexico Elizabeth & Felisha


Once Upon a Time in Mexico Elizabeth & Felisha


Elizabeth & Felisha

I have to start saying what a wonderful time I had shooting this wedding. I feel lucky that Felisa and Elizabeth thought of me to capture this magical day. I know Elizabeth for quite some years and never thought I would be her wedding photographer. The saying that you never know where life will take you is definitely true.


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The wedding took place in Mexico City in a gorgeous venue, perfectly set for the occasion at the hotel Downtown Mexico one of the oldest residences in the Zocalo area with an incredible design of colonial style (a must see if you travel to Mexico City) It was a raining day that complements the romanticism of the night. Everybody had a great time, lots of fun, dance, drinks, and laughs. I´m happy to see how much love this couple share.

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