Orlando Strong


Orlando Strong


Ryan & Steve

Ryan and Steve are the kind of couple that just elevate relationship goals to an entirely new level, but even more so, they resonate a sense of community and pride for the city that they live in and love: Orlando.


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I met these two thanks to one of my all time favorite couples, Chelsea and Christina (which, by the way, Ryan officiated that engagement party turned wedding!), and have spent the last year becoming friends with them and uniting in our love and pride for our community.

We stood next to each other just over a year ago in vigil after the Pulse tragedy, strangers believing in the strength of love and embracing one another. This past weekend, we came together once more to capture their own beautiful love story, while paying a respectful tribute to the strength Orlando as a community found after devastation by creating one simple message amidst all of the incredible artwork around the city:

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