Rendezvous, Me & You in California


Rendezvous, Me & You in California


The Location

There’s nothing greater than the union of love, especially when we live in a world where LOVE WINS. This styled shoot is set to emphasize the love that exists, the power of collaboration and the power of LOVE. Shattering the glass ceiling was just one of the motives behind this new age shoot." - Fairy Godmother Co.


It's All In The Details

This stylized wedding called Love Wins: Rendezvous Me & You was beautifully decorated in silver, gold, grey, mint, ivory, blue, navy, magenta, and white.?

Vintage vibes illustrated with dark, deep crimson and touches of gold were juxtaposed by the natural light from the industrial windows and bright colored stones handcrafted into the décor. Mix-matched candlesticks, antique dishes and sugar crystal name cards completed the tablescape. Handmade-coin rings symbolize the labor of lasting love and soft, airy touches remind us of true love’s kiss.

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