Romantic cruise wedding


Romantic cruise wedding


Romantic cruise wedding

After Gilbert finished school, he was interested in finding friends and searched social media to find people who shared common interests. Isaiah had a video featuring RENT the movie on his MySpace and that connection started their future relationship. To steal a line from "A Walk to Remember," Gilbert told Isaiah they could hang out, but he had to "promise he wouldn't fall in love with him." Six years later, the Supreme Court made the decision to make their future a legal possibility.

Gilbert planned an event packed trip to Las Vegas to enjoy concerts, great food, gambling and a sweet surprise. Gilbert planned this trip all around Isaiah with him thinking Celine Dion would be the highlight. They traditionally went to a nice restaurant as part of their trips and so they went to the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

They magically gave them a table across the Bellagio Fountains with red long-stem roses and personalized menus. Isaiah felt they were so lucky and was oblivious to the activity happening around him due to his heavy posting on social media. When Gilbert came back from the "bathroom," their dessert came out.


It's All In The Details

The ceremony space was simple with the Bay Bridge as the backdrop and an aisle of dark rose petals to lead the way. Because Isaiah's parents were not a part of the wedding their best friends escorted them down the Aisle. Gilbert's niece led the processional and as the chorus to "Footprints in the sand" by Leona Lewis began, his sister and best friend escorted him down the aisle and Isaiah and his bestie there after. They needed no recessional song as the continued applause down the aisle was enough.

The reception was open seating and with an open bar, it wasn't long before the room began to erupt with laughter and joy. Isaiah and Gilbert do not care for sparkling wine very much, so they had red wine goblets made with inverted cityscapes of San Francisco etched around the glass. Gilbert's glass was always kept full.

They went around and thanked their friends for coming before heading to the top deck of the yacht to begin the party after the meal. According to Gilbert, "Isaiah doesn't dance in public very well" so they thought about the first dance and planned to dance for about 45 seconds and invite all the married couples to join us for an anniversary dance. It was a great way to share our joy with other couples.

Advioce from the couple is, "this event is all about you both and stressing about it only affects you. In the end, it will be a great event. Not everything will go according to plan, but no one will notice but you. So don't sweat the small stuff. Good vendors will have a process and they will help guide you to make your day special. Remember, you are a novice at weddings, so leave the stressing to the experts around you that have the experience. "


However, only one dish came out covered when we had ordered two. Isaiah's puzzled look turned into a gasp of surprise as the server uncovered a plate of roses with chocolate writing and a single diamond ring for Gilbert's single treasure in life. The rings were picked with their personalities in mind, but with one belief. The rings are two-tone and a combination of white and yellow gold. Marriage is not about 2 lives becoming one, but about 2 lives moving in sync like the fusion of 2 metals. Both metals are still different, yet inseparable.

As for planning of the look of the wedding day, they decided to keep it simple and let the city and the San Francisco Bay bring the excitement. Custom-made three-piece suits were a must, but they didn't want to wear the same color and neither of wanted to wear a light color. Therefore, they chose 2 different style suits and 2 different fabric colors. The cufflinks reflected their nerdy side as Star Trek and Harry Potter fans, respectively. Since it was and evening wedding, they chose white florals on illuminated pedestals. The sweetheart table had a deep red arrangement of tropicals to celebrate Isaiah's favorite color and add color accent.

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