Simple Vintage Detailed Wedding


Simple Vintage Detailed Wedding


Lindsay & Angela

Our story started in Boston in 2010. Angie was working in television and I was just starting the clinical portion of my Occupational Therapy masters. We met at a house party through friends (thanks Jess!) and Angie asked me out on a date not long after. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Teele square and shared many laughs over Margaritas. We spend most of our time together laughing and having fun.


It's All In The Details

TAfter over 5 years of dating the supreme court ruled and we got engaged in our backyard. Angie had made a big heart out of branches and she was standing in the middle of the heart with our puppy. When I came home I heard the music playing and went to the backyard... many tears and smiles and laughter were had!"

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