Til Death Do Us Part Stylized Wedding Shoot


Til Death Do Us Part Stylized Wedding Shoot


Til Death Do Us Part Stylized Wedding Shoot

Many countries around the world prefer colorful dresses for weddings because it is a lively, joyous occasion. We chose black as it is all the colors coming together. It makes so much sense and as a wedding photographer, I would just love to see brides wearing all styles and colors, and continue creating uniqueness in the world

The theme created for this shoot was “'Til Death do us Part” for the simple fact that love is for everyone and does not end when people leave us. Love is eternal and all who seek it deserve to have it.


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The black garments with touches of feminine flair shows how beautiful darker colors can be as it emanates a powerful look. As women are able to wear and feel whatever we choose for whomever we please; nothing should hold us back from creating our own vision of eternal love.

Don’t be afraid to mix traditional with modern and add touches of Gothic to bring things to life. One can use dried flowers that symbolize flowers from the couple’s first date, first anniversaries and special events throughout their courtship. The feathers symbolize being free and showcasing yourself for the beauty within. All the dark colors represent passion, power and a bond as strong as blood.

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